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About this product

Now it's getting hot. Throw the knives through the bubble and get all the coins!

Knife IT description

Knife IT is better than any other Knif throwing games. Cool and freshly new gameplay in addition to the great fun of hitting with knives. And there are unlimited challenges in Knife IT The more you play, the more coins you will get and the more reward you will obtain. Are you a eagle-eyed Knife Hitter? Come and Play Knife IT to test it! Challenge your Reaction speed and Hand speed to get rewards for your win.

1. Easy and fun for operation. Break the record for continuous hit of throwing knives and break the bubble.
2. A variety of game scenes, beautiful images, colorful and suitable different age.
3. Hit to win more coins and get more knifes.
4. Try to make the challanges as well. Can you beat the boss levels?

How to Play:
1. Aim the target, tap the screen and hit the glass shapes. The more you hit, the more knives you can obtain. The more coins you will get. The more possibility to win.
2. Avoid hitting other materials than the glas.

*Knife IT is a free mobile game app , no purchase is necessary.
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