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Knife Hit
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Knife Hit 1.8.10 apk, update on 2020-11-18
The ultimate knife challenge is here!

Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Slash the apples and unlock new knives. Each 5th stage is defended by a boss - beat them to get exclusive knives!

Be careful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master!

Can you beat all the bosses?

Knife Hit APK reviews

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trapr00t review trapr00t
Wow so simple and yet so cool and engaging... =D
Jordan White review Jordan White
Omae wa mou shindeiu
Saunved Mutalik review Saunved Mutalik
It's a really nice concept, and it can be pretty addictive. I feel like there should be checkpoint levels, so even if you lose, you can resume from the last checkpoint.
Alexis Thomas review Alexis Thomas
The game is cool I guess. I just REALLY hate that you can't toggle on and off the vibration.
Flaco Flame review Flaco Flame
Please make vibration options. It's really annoying.
Paul Ovey review Paul Ovey
Crashes every 5 mins on a HTC 10. F