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About this product

Save CO2, create Klima-Taler, which you can redeem for great rewards.

Klima-Taler description

Move around in a healthy and climate-friendly way and even get something back for it. Does that sound good? Then the Klima-Taler app is the right thing for you! The app for your smartphone automatically records your journeys on foot, by bike, bus and train. And at the same time, you earn Klima-Taler, which you can redeem for great rewards.

Every journey, you don’t use the car, will be rewarded by the app. For every 5 kg of CO2 avoided, because you didn’t use the car, you receive a valuable Klima-Taler. You can exchange your Klima-Taler for offers and discounts from partners in the marketplace.

If you are a vendor, cultural institution or gastronome and you would like to offer something at a reduced price or for a free entry, please visit Klima-Taler.com and set up an account and offering there.

The Klima-Taler app is particularly battery-friendly. Nevertheless, the consumption is higher when the GPS function is switched on than when the smartphone is in normal operation. We need GPS in order to recognize the modes of transport and to be able to reward you with Klima-Taler.

Data protection is our highest priority. We host the app in Germany in compliance with GDPR.
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