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We have listed fantastic kitchen countertop for you.

Kitchen Countertops description

The kitchen needs a practical, sturdy element, in addition to having an easy-to-clean, modern, beautiful material and especially at a right price. These are the main features put together to get a workbench for your home. After all, in recent years, the cooking area has become a complete social and open plan place, that is, integrated into the living room and dining room. Therefore, the most homogeneous materials are the most sought after to compose their finish.

Benches, islands, and kitchen countertops are increasingly sought after solutions for integrating environments into modern designs. Present in American and designed kitchens, the materials bring together beauty and functionality but require space and care in choosing finishes.

Interior designers have assembled essential information for anyone who wants to have a countertop, island or counter in the project:

1. A kitchen bench is between 85 cm and 93 cm high, 90 cm being the ideal standard height. Remember that it is high for common chairs, made for dining tables, with 73 cm to 80 cm high. Therefore, height adjustable stools are accurate bets;
2. When the counter serves as a dining table, bet on more comfortable, high-backed and padded stools, since people will remain more seated. Give preference to those made of easily cleaned materials such as wood, reinforced plastic, acrylic or even waterproof fabrics;
3. To know the exact number of stools, calculate 60 centimeters of width for each piece;
4. The cabinets under the counter should be between 50 cm and 60 cm deep, with a masonry base of 5 cm to 7 cm high or suspended to 10 cm or 15 cm from the floor;
5. If you want a cooktop on the countertop, remember that before installation, you need to have a niche ready for it. Do not forget to put an exhaust fan to reduce odors around the house;
6. The minimum circulation space in a kitchen should be 60 cm.

Other factors to consider are the number of people to be accommodated in the workbench and the model, usually made of the same material as the cabinets, with a particular application on the top. Let's check our kitchen countertop ideas.
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