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Drive your Train to multiple mini-games Burger, Ice Cream and many more!

Kids Train. description

Drive the Kids Train, avoid the obstacles to reach awesome mini-games.
the mini-games include.

Inside the Train:
the first mini-game. The player fasten the seatbelts to get ready for the amazing trip ahead of him.

Cupcake Store:
challenging mini-game where the player needs to match the color of the cupcake and the drink with their plate. when completed the player gets to eat some cupcakes as a reward.

Balloon Store:
Interesting mini game, full of excitement and challenges. first the player chooses a difficulty among easy, medium, and hard.
easy is for kids who wants to enjoy the game and always win. you can pop the balloons and the bombs, just have fun.
medium is more challenging where the player has to avoid popping a bomb. the game ends when any bomb is popped.
hard is the most exciting, you have to pop all the balloons and avoid bombs. if 10 balloons are missed the game ends.

Burger Maker:
Burger lovers, its your time to shine. make your dream burger with a variety of ingredients. make the biggest most delicious burger anyone could think of. Increase the creativity and go crazy with it.

Kids Surprise Egg:
this is every kids most delicious snack. its time for kids to find out what this mysterious egg holds inside. the player first cracks the egg. then open it and eat the chocolate cover. you need to be fast to track the blue target. after that the real fun begins. the player chooses a difficulty and the package opens with an awesome game. the player needs to find the image that matches the shape in the table below. but you need to be fast the time might just expire!.

Popcorn Kitchen:
its Kitchen Time!!. mix the ingredients in the pot, start the oven, and eat the delicious popcorn you made! Put the salt and caramel. put the pot in the oven. put the popcorn kernels. start the oven and cook the popcorn!

Ice Cream Truck:
Kids favorite desert. to be fair its everyone's favorite desert. but this ice cream truck is challenging. you are the ice cream maker!!. the order comes to you. you have to memorize it and make the customers desired ice cream. the closer the ice cream you made to the customers ice cream. you get rated by stars at the end. when you get 3 out of 3 stars. your ice cream gets extra delicious topping. make your ice cream truck the most famous Ice cream in town!!.

for more information check this out (a full gameplay):
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