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Shapes & Colors, Education learning game, Kids learning

Kids Learn Shapes description

Kids Learn Shapes games activities to teach your toddlers shapes & colors using vegetable/fruit and other real life household objects. If you are looking for an app for learning colors for kids or learn about shapes, it is the right one for you. The interactive learning is a great mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinesthetic learners (age 2-6 yrs). The interactive methodology helps the child to build motor skills and hand eye coordination as well. Preschool games for little kids are fun educational games & offers learning games for 2 year olds to 5 year olds. Kids Learn Shapes is a fun learning games for Nursery & KG. Kids Learn Shapes is a fusion of fun and education that child would love to play. Children are enchanted with the experience of the game as there is no winning/losing. So let them start painting the coloring pages for kids with coloring games for girls & boys.
Why choose Kids Learn Shapes? ✨Learning Shapes & Colors Games for Kids✨
Attractive and enticing designs and pictures for learning shapes and colors for preschool children.
Engaging kids learning activities for toddlers for early childhood education.
An interactive and engaging way, meant for early learning for kids .
Colors for kids is a great learning game for children.
The tracing of geometric shapes for toddlers enhances hand eye co-ordination and motoring skills. It not only enhances the hand eye co-ordination but also prepare the child for writing, without even knowing the she is being trained for writing.
So Many free coloring pages for kids to enjoy unlimited fun.
Kids Learn Shapes has been presented in the form of fun learning activities like Dragging the monster for space jump, feeding hungry frog, Balloon pop quiz, Odd one out, Honey bee etc.
Many interactive activities to teach about different geometric shapes like Circle, Square, Triangle, Heart, Diamond, Star, Semicircle, Oval, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon etc.
Whether you are parents or preschool teacher and looking for color learning games for kids or want to introduce shape games for kids, this is he right two in one app for your children. You can teach your Kindergarten or Preschool kids about shapes and colors, by engaging your children in fun activities to keep them from doing mischief because they are bored. Let them explore basic early education concepts of shapes N colors for children in many interesting ways. The multiple quizzes and activities reinforce the concepts. The Puzzles are designed to help babies to Learn Shapes and Colors & expand their early learning, discover new sounds while they play game.
Your child will love this baby learning games & coloring book to learn colors & shapes Games for kids introduces painting and drawing for kids. Our Free Kids Learn Shapes for kindergarteners to keep them enchanted and busy as they love cartoons colors & shapes for kids. So, download now and discover all free educational games for kids to keep them happy and active.
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