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Junk Cleaner&Virus Scanning,&Large File Cleaning&Photo Album Cleaning

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TurboClean - It can not only Deeply declutter the Cached Garbage in your mobile phone, but also Scan and declutter Viruses. It is a all-in-one Cleaning Master for Andriod.

WHY CHOOSE TurboClean?
⭐Professional Junk Cleaner, one-click to declutter applications and system caches and Junk Files!release mobile phone storage space.
⭐Powerful and effective Safety Scan, keep your phone away from potential threats!
⭐declutter duplicate photos

🗑️Junk Cleaner:TurboClean can scan and remove junk, residual and cache files, download folders and more while using advanced technology. With this professional cleaner, you can delete social app cache smartly without deleting any useful information. TurboClean can release storage space to a large extent.

🛡Safety Scan: TurboClean provide real-time protection for your phone. Scan and remove potential threats. With powerful database,TurboClean can provide healthy application protection for your mobile phone.

📱Application:TurboClean helps release your storage space by deleting large cache files. With our professional application cleaning function, you can also release more space from the cached data of social applications without worrying about deleting the wrong files.

📷Photo management:TurboClean Save more mobile phone storage space by deleting similar photos. With just one-click scanning, you can get the best solution to solve the full album and provide you with master-level professional intelligent services.

📂Large file cleaning: TurboClean can intelligently classify files, so that you can easily find the files you want. With large file cleaning, you can delete the files of your choice with one click, or share files through social networks.

TurboClean r NOTES:
⚠None of the personal data such as username or email address proceeds.
⚠All information will be kept secure and not shared with the 3rd party according to Privacy and Cookies Policy.
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