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kalam e khuda urdu bible mobile app with unique design complete offline app

kalam e khuda urdu bible description

We are so exulted and ecstatic to be sharing our Holy Bible app “Kalaam-e-Khuda The urdu Bible” .
This is a free Bible app which you can access even when you are offline. This is available on android and apple store.
This app was based off of the idea that there are so many people who do not have access to internet connection available and how there had been a need for the Bible app to be available in a native language so that everyone can have an easy access to the word of God in a language they are comfortable with so that they feel spiritually closer to God.
It has so many diverse features such as you can read or even listen to Bible verses offline as the audio bible is also available to you completely offline. Mark your favourite bible verses. Share your favourite Bible verses on social media and spread the God’s word.
This app has such a unique design in which you can get complete offline bible app in your hands just on one click .
Being a Christian it is so important for us to have a relationship with God and bible plays such an important role in making that bond become stronger and having that access in your native language will help you receive God’s glory in your life through the divine power of his word.
Download the app now for free and restore your connection with God through the divinity of Bible and receive the fruits of spirit in your life.
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