Jailbreak 2016 Escape APK

Jailbreak 2016 Escape
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Jailbreak 2016 Escape 0.0.4 apk, update on 2016-10-16
You will play a prisoner, which should help to find a way to escape from prison.
You are waiting for a number of prison locations, where you have to strain your brain and attentiveness.
Find all the items and use them for your brilliant escape plan.
Music and sounds immerse you into a dark prison atmosphere.
The game will appeal not only to people who are at large, but also concluded zeks.
This is a real slammer for real kids, who live by the rules.
If you are a good botanist or decided on the area, the game will appeal to you.
Buy seeds and forth to play this interesting game!
I like enclosed spaces and a monkey with insulators? Then this game is for you!
The game is free. fcb80b9b13

Jailbreak 2016 Escape APK reviews

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Kym DeAngelis review Kym DeAngelis
Theres a glitch. Weird game. Started good. But after 3rd rm got glitch. Ps people. check your inventory
Megan Grant review Megan Grant
Not sure how this is supposed to work. Wheres the stuff to find. I rate it 0
Adustrabbit review Adustrabbit
Worst game ever
I hate this game
Tablet RM review Tablet RM
0/0 worst game ever
Samuel Kayinga review Samuel Kayinga
Too bad
vasantha priya review vasantha priya
Very worst game
Sarah Curran review Sarah Curran
Terrible controls...very little areas to interact and slow transition from each area of a room. Great graphics ... Shame that the overall gameplay let it down. Wouldn't recommend. Also, I don't mind adverts on games but this one is littered with them!
Awesome Sauce review Awesome Sauce
It's you have to like tap to get there and it's not fun! WASTE OF DATA DON'T PLAY THIS SUCKS Y'ALLS
A Google user review A Google user
I don't understand this game.this is the wastage of time
Paul Lombard review Paul Lombard
Is that it? Finished it in 2min flat. No other levels? Waste of data!
A Google user review A Google user
I don't understand this game
JM fitzgerald review JM fitzgerald
Don't bother. Ads are on more than game. Impossible to play
Legit GamingBL9 review Legit GamingBL9
This game is terrible.
A Google user review A Google user
This game is the worst