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Remotely monitor and control your hot tub from anywhere.

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SmartTub® description

The SmartTub® app is your personal hot tub assistant, making you a hot tub expert. Acting as a quick reference guide, your app tailors tips, how-to videos and information based on how you use your hot tub. Whether you're across town or in the comfort of your own home, you can relax knowing you will always be informed with the SmartTub® System.

o Enjoy easy setup -- just pair your app
o Discover enhanced product knowledge and support
o Master hot tub care with personalized tips and how-to videos
o View energy usage estimates**
o Adjust key settings, such as energy efficiency and temperature while away
o Receive power outage notifications to reduce complications
o Alerts you and your dealer when your hot tub needs attention
o Stay connected with your dealer and 'Click for Service'

* SmartTub® hardware installed on hot tub, compatible with 2018+ Hot Tubs
* SmartTub® system uses cellular-based communication and requires cell service from our provider partner in your area.
* Requires subscription beginning in second year of ownership, first year included in the price of purchase.

**Estimates are based on sensor readings and are not meant to match your utility measurements, see your local utility company for specifics to your local system.
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