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Iyan 3d - Make 3d Animations
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Iyan 3d - Make 3d Animations 5.6 apk, update on 2016-07-23
User Reviews:

"Excelent! - Perfect! It's a perfect app for 3D animation, no doubt more features that will make this a powerful tool for those who we like to animate in 3D, whether amateur or professional."

Tutorial Videos: http://www.iyan3dapp.com/

Iyan 3D makes it possible for anyone to build their Animation Movie. A complete solution to wake the Creative Animation Director in you. You can now make your 3D Animation Movie, Documentary, or even a Cartoon with just your Android Device. It require no or very limited knowledge to start doing it.

Just think of a concept and in 4 step your movie is ready
● Import Characters, Backgrounds, Images, 3D Text and Props from the Store
● Animate the objects each frame.
● Place Camera or Light as desired.
● Export video to Photo Album and Publish your Movie Online.

A completely new and innovative UI for touch devices, allows you to easily work with the object in the 3D scene.

Key Features:
● Import ready-made 3d models from our Online Store.
● Rig your OBJ model and start animating.
● Apply ready-made animations sequences on to the characters.
● Import Images from your photo album.
● Place the light and camera.
● Option to add 3d Text in any font style.
● Preview animation before exporting.
● Export Still Images or Movie to your Photo Album in single touch with Full HD quality.
● Interpolation for smooth animation.
● Option to Save/Open Project.
● Undo your action anytime.

Possible ways to use Iyan 3D:
● Animation Movie/Documentary/Cartoon Making.
● Choreography
● Introduction Videos using 3d text
● Visual Storytelling.
● Pose Tool for Artists.
● Demonstrate your Exercise/Yoga movements.
● Simulation.

Iyan 3d - Make 3d Animations APK reviews

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Richard Wittie review Richard Wittie
Needs better instuctions
Importing scenes and caricature is simple but trying to animate everything theres no instuctions on how to do anything.if you choose the preselected movements it shows " cannot match bone count." And even though your working on one caricature the whole scene rotates. Needs better instructions on how to use the app
Dah Creeper Ha review Dah Creeper Ha
Liked it but freezes
For importing character obj. files their texture uses multiple png. or multiple other texture files to make one texture/skin since most of them use whats called a mtl. file which i dont think this supports. Pls support multiple textures for a single obj. or if it does but needs computer make it so no computer is required. Also exporting the project doesn't work which is odd. And pls fix the freezing!
HipLawyerCat 26 review HipLawyerCat 26
Its a brilliant app. i like it because it is easy to use and understand. its a great attempt at creating sfm on an android. My only problem with it is the absence of the ability to color different body parts or remove and replace parts on different models. another thing is the lack of the ability to move different parts of the face like the eyes and mouth. besides from that i love it as it has helped my you tube channel a lot. thx
Credit idea is not right, along with a few more errors
I think the credit thing is ridiculous, with the amount of credits starters of this system has only leads them to not even have four seconds of animation. I just think there at least needs to be more credits for starters, like 1,200 credits. Plus, the prices for more credits are ridiculous. It also lacks fnaf models, freezes, and takes you out of the app, without saving the process of the animation.
Itz Grimmie review Itz Grimmie
Amazing But..
Can You Add More FNAF Characters? And There is a Bug to Where While Im Making My Animation It Stops, Then It Takes Me Back To The Menu And I Have to do it ALL Over Again..
AbandonVcreeper Gaming review AbandonVcreeper Gaming
I got this app thinking I could make a intro but no I was incorrect iam youtuber in progress and what I tried this for a intro,it wouldn't let me apply a animation.I would tap the text press anmation,press apply animation it say " please press a text or characters don't install this app if u want to make a intro
Patriotic Gaming review Patriotic Gaming
It took me two hours. Then it wouldnt save to my camera role or gallery. Wasted my credits. Am i doing something wrong? I even tryed 3 screen recording apps the this app closed on its own. Infuriating. ????. Otherwise simple and easy animations. Fun.
James King review James King
Would give 0 if i could
Made an intro, exported it. Went to find it in my gallery. IT WASN'T THERE
The Emerald Gamer review The Emerald Gamer
Its fine
I exported an image and it just took a while but when ever I try to bend a figure it glitches which makes me restart the animation *uninstalls*
Xavier Bleakley review Xavier Bleakley
Models not showing
Its not showing the models and I really wanted to make a new animation tell me what's wrong cuz I wasted a lot of room ): and its still not working tell me what's wrong.
Bonnie Avis review Bonnie Avis
I try to add a animation to a dragon and guess what it says?????? "bone count cant match" like WHAT?????????????????
Leanne B review Leanne B
Waste of time
I thought this app was totally free when you render export your video..*uninstalls*, it wont let you add music too. Overall the animation is greaT with the text but we need more to choose from
First Last The EndyBoy review First Last The EndyBoy
DUDE Reply to me
Dude I really love your app but it crashes when I add some objects please reply ty
xkBreakWay Girl review xkBreakWay Girl
You know with the FNaF character can you add a way to move there jaws?
The Diamond Sword//sean TDS review The Diamond Sword//sean TDS
too long...
its to long before the models show and fronts and plsss make this app ofline no need wifi that more easy and more people like it more beter