IV Calculator for Pokemon GO APK

IV Calculator for Pokemon GO
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IV Calculator for Pokemon GO 2.05 apk, update on 2018-10-05
Second Generation Pokemon Added!!!

Lets get an incredible Pokedex! Lets become the best Pokemon trainer! You can get the best Pokemon with the maximum CP due to the available tools in this app.

IV Calculator:

You can calculate the percentage of your Pokemon, just write the HP and the CP and this app will calculate it. This is a powerful tool to get the best Pokemon and transfer the rest to obtain more candies.

Evolution Calculator:

You can calculate the CP that your Pokemon will have in the next evolutions.

Pokemon Info:

You will know all the strengths and weaknesses of your Pokemon. In addition, you will know the minimum and maximum CP level your Pokemon can achieve.

Battle Helper:

Match up two Pokemon and find out the types of attacks that you should use to win the battle. This is the best tool to win your battles in the gym.

Lucky Egg:

Lets optimise our lucky egg to achieve the greatest experience. Introduce your Pokemon and the number of candies you have to know the experience you will achieve. Also, you will be able to save your list and update it as you capture new pokemons.

Tier List:

The list with the best Pokemons of each Tier (S, A, B, C.).

Level Up Rewards:

Look the rewards of each level.

Cheater Report:

Report a cheater player in the web of Niantic.

This is not an official app of Pokemon Go. It is not affiliated with Pokemon, Niantic or Nitendo.

This application doesn't use the Pokemon Go API.

IV Calculator for Pokemon GO APK reviews

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Luc Howard review Luc Howard
This app sucks
Sergiy Varga review Sergiy Varga
nice but
there is simple logic. I see gym with 4 Pokemon. I have 10 major ones. I need to know which is best to beat them. With this app I need to SCROLL a LONG list 40 times? Doesn't work. Design it like this - enemy. super effective - list. normal attack - list.
Alex Smith review Alex Smith
Pokemon go
Kar uporabna aplikacija.Priporočam vsem
Kat Smith review Kat Smith
Intrusive ads @Developer, when I have fullscreen ads that appear nearly every time I do something within an app, then yes they are very intrusive.
mario review mario
That is all
Ashley Keith review Ashley Keith
It is helpful
Sicielo Smith review Sicielo Smith
Helpful for on the go iv calculation
I compared the iv calculator to one I've used online. Each calculator seems to use slightly different equations, but over all they yield similar calculations. This app's iv calculator seems fairly reliable, though it couldn't find a match for my CP12 HP10 SD200 Charmander. "Has you increase the power?" should also be corrected to say "Have you increased the power?"
Andrew Cook review Andrew Cook
Looks Good
I just wish there was a simple app out there.. I want to tap in a pokemon and the app to give me the best one., in order to fight with... standing at a gym I don't want to work this out for 10 mins........ thank you for a very quick response. It would be good to see things simple. Trying to find the names of certain types to fight against a gym with a few in.. is a pain especially in the rain..... for your quick response and determination .. you deserve 5 stars..
Nathan Urena-Cherry review Nathan Urena-Cherry
If they get the issue with ads ironed out it would functionally be a 5 star app. I would like to see a more original design, but that's my opinion. Bumped the rating up 2 stars for a responsive development team.
Mark vd L review Mark vd L
Incomplete and amateuristic
Spelling errors and missing data. Indication too wide "20%~80%" how is that useful ..
Amber Dawson review Amber Dawson
Is great
This helped a lot
Liew YuKong review Liew YuKong
very useful apps
Ryan Slagter review Ryan Slagter
K Beaumont review K Beaumont
You have to manually enter info for iv
Bonnie Wyke review Bonnie Wyke
IV Calculator
Not all the Pokemon are included. Zubat for instance isn't in there or maybe he is but it won't let me scroll down any further to find him.