iTheory Car Theory Test 2017/18 APK

iTheory Car Theory Test 2017/18
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iTheory Car Theory Test 2017/18 apk, update on 1970-01-01
Best selling car theory App for the official theory examination in Switzerland 2017 - with all the official theory questions from ASA for the driving license.

Learn with the award-winning theory App Nr 1 in Switzerland
+ All official theory questions from ASA: Category B, A, A1
+ Simple explanations for all questions
+ Mock tests
+ Detailed evaluations
+ Win daily prizes for the best tests
+ No Internet connection required
+ Languages: Deutsch, Française, Italiano & English
+ Close cooperation with leading driving schools in Switzerland

iTheory Car Theory Test 2017/18 APK reviews

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Nick Winn review Nick Winn
Proving to be the handiest tool in terms of helping me learn. Would be good if you could use online also without having to pay extra however.
Benjamin Forrer review Benjamin Forrer
Please make it possible to choose the language.
Roman Tyshchenko review Roman Tyshchenko
There are errors in questions.
Karl Bernstein review Karl Bernstein
Ganz nett
Michael Merten review Michael Merten
This app helped me pass my theorie test. It's the only app I used. It's the only app you need if you want a guaranteed pass.
Bram V review Bram V
I bought iTheorie Pro and it never worked on my HTC phone. So I emailed their tech support which took forever to answer back . They NEVER managed to fix the problem. They offered a refund which they NEVER sent me, and now they don't answer their emails anymore. I checked their website for the practice quiz, the questions were full of spelling mistakes. I ended up using Thé App and passed the exam on my first try. STAY AWAY from iTheorie, GO TO Thé INSTEAD. Good luck on ur exam!!!
Lukas Rohr review Lukas Rohr
Nice app to learn for the theoretical driver's license test. Less expensive than other materials. Some explanations for some questions are a bit unintuitive, but overall a nice app with the official test questions.
Patrick Meier review Patrick Meier
Tried to change the language in the app as it intend the pass the exam in French, but that is not possible. So refunded it and try to install it again for French. Didn't work and now can't refund.
very disappointed, because already pay 19chf
noella gonslaves review noella gonslaves
I can't install this app ... have put a new sd card still it says not enough space... I paid for the app and can't use. So how will I learn
Why there are no languages in german and italy and france why u dont bring that option we have paid for this app you should fix these bugs you take the money and you do nothing ... you are really stupid if i wanna change my device languages than my other programs will change too i want only on this app did you get it stupid developer ...
Samuel Ruprecht review Samuel Ruprecht
For this prize It's okay
Christoph Heinimann review Christoph Heinimann
A couple things
Firstly, offer an option to change languages. Secondly, even after repeatedly reporting false answers, they have yet to be corrected. Thirdly, they try to shove another, paid, app down your throat if you want actual explanations for why an answer is wrong. Very anti-consumer.
Roberto Gallardo review Roberto Gallardo
Excellent app! It works even better if you buy the one with the theorie since it comes with the german words which come pretty handy when you're being tested. It's really worth its price.
Huawei p8 lite, android 6.0
David Haas review David Haas
Let me change the language!
I like the app it's easy to use and it has almost everything you need. With one exception the language settings or the lack there off. Just because I like to use English and use my phone in English I should not be forced to learn in English, the exam is in German after all. Please implement a language changer in the settings so I can decide in which language i want to learn in. Also there are some translation faults in the English version.