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Into The Sky 1.07 apk, update on 2017-01-19
Use your robot to push objects into position in order to hit sensors with the correct coloured lasers.

You'll need to think ahead and use creativity to work out which objects to use, and where to use them. Starting out very simple, the puzzles become increasingly difficult and more complex. Multiple lasers, multiple targets, portals, mirrors, beam splitters and more will all be required.

Pass a level and be lifted up into the sky where you'll be placed on the next level above. How high can you go?

All 70 levels are FREE - no level pack purchases required.

Into The Sky is the latest smash hit game from the creators of Laserbreak and Cell 13.

Into The Sky includes:
• 70 FREE levels ranging from simple to ultra difficult
• Fantastic brain training - this game will give you a great mental workout
• Excellent time killer - play a level whenever you have a spare moment
• Awesome graphics and sounds, with an immersive ambient soundtrack
• Game play options
• Google Play Game Services connected with achievements every 10 levels completed.
• Smooth and reliable game play.
• The ability to skip a level if you cannot solve it.
• Play offline - no wifi required (connection only required for Google Play Game Services if you choose)

Play Into The Sky today - it's 100% FREE!

Previous games by ErrorSevenDev include Laserbreak, Laserbreak 2, Cell 13, Hexasmash and Hexasmash 2 - all smash hit puzzle games from the best indie puzzle game developers around!

If you like the following types of games, you'll love Into The Sky:
• Slide puzzles
• 3D puzzle
• Isometric puzzle
• Physics puzzle
• Portal games
• Mirrors and lasers
• Laserbreak
• Time killer
• Addictive free games
• Robots
• Roll the Ball games
• Box games, push boxes into position
• Escape games
• Lazors style, Laser Box and laser block slide puzzles
• Unblock puzzle games
• Logic puzzles and lateral thinking puzzles

Into The Sky APK reviews

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Matt Arnesen review Matt Arnesen
Fun game
This is a fun puzzle game and I like it except for the contols. The reason being is that I am playing it on a big tablet and to touch the corners to move is owkward. Please add a secondary contol option.
Stewart Rowbotham review Stewart Rowbotham
Great game... But...
Please provide an exit option to kill the game, there doesn't seem to be one... I switched back to home screen, put phone down and several minutes later it started playing the game soundtrack, had to force stop to kill the sound!
Marc Piscaer review Marc Piscaer
Not Working but........
Reviewed the rating due to the excellent response from the developers to solve the problem. Doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Got to level 2 and my Tablet screen goes black and need to reboot.
Bryan Roth review Bryan Roth
Fun puzzle game. My only question: is there a bug or something on level 39 with the splitters? I lit up all the sensors but the white box wont lift me up to the next level.
Thomas Hirsch review Thomas Hirsch
Well designed, until level 16
... after which it seems they ran out of ideas, and puzzles often have a trivial solution.
shubham bhambure review shubham bhambure
Control buttons not familiar.. it is difficult to control than difficulty of puzzle..
William L. Weaver review William L. Weaver
Steven Bartlett review Steven Bartlett
Annoying. Great fun. Easy way to lose a few minutes. Loved laser break too. This is more annoying though. I love it.
Frank Tedesco review Frank Tedesco
counterintuitive controls, take some getting used to. Pixel-C on Nougat. Ads every level drive me nuts. Swipe up to get Android Back Button results in the creature moving: bad.
paul fyfe review paul fyfe
Brain teaser...
A curiously addictive good little game from the developer errorsevendev, just like many of their others games, quite often challenging,,,,, only downside is that it tends to drain my battery quickly
ahmad bflah review ahmad bflah
Bad control .... التحكم سيء
فكرة اللعبة جيدة .. لكن التحكم غريب
Pedro Coimbra review Pedro Coimbra
Puzzles need optimization
It's good but I can solve some puzzles without using all the objects, for instance I solved level 17 with 4 mirrors to spare, and level 18 without using 3 mirrors
Tim H review Tim H
Thanx for the feedback
Richard Honey review Richard Honey
Almost perfect...
Very good. A bug: Opening and closing the hamburger menu during play still activates player movement. An idea: Platform (view) rotate like PIQ on PSP would be perfect, with 4 movement arrows in one location instead.
Spencer McClendon review Spencer McClendon
Great Puzzle Game
It's been a long time since I've left a game on my device for more then a day. This game is coming up on a week and I'm still loving it!