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Challenging logic puzzle game from Japan also know as Futoshiki.

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327 ratings

Inequality - Futoshiki description

Futoshiki is a challenging puzzle game from Japan, similar to Sudoku.
It is also known as "hutosiki", "unequal" or "inequality".
It's name comes from the presence of inequality signs (greater than, less than) that must be respected when solving the puzzle.

How to play:
- Fill the board with numbers.
- Do not repeat numbers on the same line or column (they can be repeated diagonally).
- Respect all the inequality signs (greater than, less than).
- Have fun and challenge your brain with a game of Futoshiki.

- Beautiful minimalistic graphic design
- Sleek, simple to use UI.
- Multiple themes, choose the color scheme that suits you.
- Easy to use note function.
- Got stuck? Use the hint system.
- Made a mistake, undo to the rescue.
- Automatic game saving . Continue that tricky puzzle later.
- 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 boards.
- Multiple levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard.
- Random level generator. Play without limit.
- Option to show or hide mistakes and timer.
- Option to play either in portrait or landscape orientation.
- You can choose how the pre-filled cells are displayed.

Inequality has all the tools you need to solve challenging Futoshiki puzzles while still having fun and relaxing. Some say it's better than Futoshiki with a pencil on paper.

Play now! Challenge your brain! But don't forget to have fun!
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