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Become the arcane assassin

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Imposter Attack description

You are a fan of the red impostor? Dive into the arcane world of Space League and hop on board. Imposter Attack is the game for you.

Come and join with the space legends and crew mates. Get on the arcane spaceship and hunt all the living legends and crew mates. Your mission is simple: just take down them all, avoid being caught in the riot, and escape through the vent to become the impostor champions. The battle of this arcane space world is about to begin. Try not to get a jinx on yourself.

When doing your legendary mission in the arcane spaceship, you, the impostor, will have to face a lot of challenges and obstacles like thorn traps, laser traps… Use your sneaky skill to get through the traps and complete the mission perfectly. Let’s together ruin the crew mate team from the inside. There are a lot of missions from easy to difficult waiting for you, the arcane impostors.

Remember, the blue, yellow, green, violet ones are crew mates. Your mission is using your skill and power to execute all the living crew mates. No one else except for you can survive. Join the league of impostor legends!

⭐Imposter Attack is an addictive and fun casual game
⭐Imposter Attack has the most advanced weapon and skin system
⭐Many arcane game modes and challenges
⭐Collect a lot of beautiful and hidden weapons and skins

Use the joystick to move around
Get close to any living crew mates to take them down
Jump into the vent to complete the level.

Easy to understand.
Levels are updated frequently
Beautiful skins and weapons for impostor
Explore the vast and arcane space world
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