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Explore a wonderful fantasy world

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Immortal Glory description

Immortal Glory is a popular fantasy MMOPRG game based on western epic. It has the most outstanding visual expression. It provides highly customized character development system and maps of different scenes allowing players to explore freely without restriction. Besides, there are wings, gear forging, mount, marriage which largely enrich the gameplays of the game.

A.Endless Exploration
Immortal Glory has created a vivid fantasy world where you can get married, trade, PK limitlessly, fight cross-server and interact with other players in many other ways. Space will no longer be a restriction to you. Talking with your couple in game or communicating with your teammates in real time can also be done with ease. Plus, you can build close relationships such as friend, Guild member, couple with other players.

B.Numerous Gameplays
There are numerous ways to play in Immortal Glory. You can participate in ladder match, deicide war, war of glory, guild war, etc. Like challenge? Forbidden hell is the place for you, a cross-server map that only opens to players beyond lv 210. Multiple dungeons and layers of different requirements can surely meet your strong need for challenge.. Combined with glamorous skill effect, it will bring extraordinary impact and joy to you.

C.Amazing scenes
There are a great many glamorous maps such as Rainbow Valley, Deserted Realm in game. When you are doing quest, you can enjoy the view at the same time. It will be like you are actually living in it.
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