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Join & play Epic RPG action! Build your hero and become a truly Immortal.

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474 ratings

Immortal Fantasy: A Cards RPG description

Looking for a game with Epic RPG action?
Want to play a game where you can fight monsters & get treasures in return?

Then, you’re at the right place! Download this free game today & enjoy fighting monsters, other players and villains all the while exploring huge maps!

First of all we warmly welcome you to the most epic RPG action game, which uses both dices🎲 and cards🃏.You will fight against other players on the maps & join guilds as well as combat evil villains and monsters.

✪ Careers: Fighter, Mage, Priest, Thief, Ranger, Necromancer or Knight,
that all have different career paths: Demon summoner, Warlock, Captain and many more.
✪ Races: Human, Dwarf, Orc and Elf.

⏫ Grow your power by leveling up your character
🗡️ Find lots of items & equipment along your fantastic journey
🗺️ Enjoy travelling the maps and exploring vast worlds
📖 There are infinite number of quests and encounters
🐉 Hatch pets from eggs found on the world map

✪ Slay infinite number of different bosses
✪ Sweet card and dice RPG gaming
✪ Get the attention of the old immortal gods
✪ Items, armors, potions, spells, and much more
✪ 1000 of different cards, rare, magic or legendary that evolve
✪ Multiplayer mode: Trade, train or fight other players

Immortal Fantasy is an amazing modern free Dice RPG card game with old school gameplay! Collect the cards, roll the dice. In this Free Immortal Quest Game each of your decisions matters in your own survival!
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