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About this product

IGCSE Portal is the digital gateway for IGCSE's students, teachers and parents.

IGCSE Portal description

IGCSE Portal is the leading digital gateway for Egypt’s IGCSE world. It is a mobile application and a website that provides the students and parents an in-hand seamless way to track the students’ performance as well explore the IGCSE world and latest news with our Whatsapp service, emails, or SMS features.

We also provide the IGCSE teachers a gateway to join the IGCSE world and provide a smoother digitalized way to communicate with the students and their parents and help them track their performance adopting the technology as our way.

For schools, we do have the advanced digital learning management platform capabilities for communicating school news, meetings, performance metrics to students and their parents and all you need to do is just a few clicks.

With the IGCSE Portal; we are simplifying the IGCSE world and bringing it to you.
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