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Manage your Weed Inc. and become the Weed King!

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Idle Weed Inc description

Manage every stage of production of your weed farm, production line, and supermarket. Hire managers, upgrade your plant varieties, and expand to new locations as you build your weed empire.

- Expand Your Weed Farm
Hire harvesters and planters to grow weed plants, the raw materials for your weed products, and expand your farming land.

- Build Milling Lands
Purchase and upgrade machines to process weed plants faster and produce more product. There are many machines awaiting your discovery!

- Manage Your Shipping Lines
Weed trucks and forklifts deliver plants from storage to machines. Upgrade and maintain them to ensure a smooth production process.

- Build Your Weed Store
Sell your weed products to customers, accept large VIP orders, and select the best sales strategy to satisfy all customers.

- Host a Weed Festival
When your weed empire reaches a certain size, you can even host a festival! Weed, booze, music... Everything's ready, let's party!

- Expand Into the Global Market
Beginning with Los Angeles, expand nationwide, to the rest of the Americas, Europe, and then Asia. Occupy the global market and earn higher profits!

- Develop Different Weed Varieties!
Develop your favorite weed plants - Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, Jack Herer, and more - in this new strategic idle game.
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