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Idle Monster:Non-stop
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Idle Monster:Non-stop 2.0.21 apk, update on 2016-12-26
Game Features:
24/7 Battle
Even when you log out, your character will keep fighting the monsters and earn experience and gears for you. A marvelous function that makes your dream come true! You won’t miss any battle and can boost your EXP and loot gears even when you are sleeping.

Job Change System
You may choose among traditional classes, either male or female, from strong and fearsome fighter, nimble and accurate hunter, or gorgeous mage who uses magnificent spells to blast the enemies, and combine your own skill set. By leveling up your Base level, you can advance your Job to higher classes. Use your wisdom to crush your enemies.

Unique Smelting
You can smelt your common or unwanted gears for better items or smelting points. What are you waiting for? Awesome gears await!

Hot Arena
You may show off your strength by defeating other players in the Arena. Defeat higher-ranked players to switch place with them and earn periodically distributed diamonds. Fight your way up to dominate the leader-board!

Idle Monster:Non-stop APK reviews

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Jason Wonder review Jason Wonder
Best idle game I can find
This game is much deeper than it looks. It has a pet system that pretty much takes over more than the main character. Stick with it and enjoy this idle game, you can get very far with little to no money spent. It's not pay to win!
andreas adhiatma review andreas adhiatma
Always server connection failed!
I play this game for 3.5 mo and now if i open this game the report is "server connection failed". Good.
Ebriel Cachapero review Ebriel Cachapero
cant access character in account
got 3 characters in my account 2 okay and 1 always stuck at 80% need fix..
Jan Marc Falabrica review Jan Marc Falabrica
Wheres my old character?
Its still cool. But wheres my previous character? Its lvl 80 w/ job lvl 50. I am just waiting to forge all my items to lvl 80 to be reborn and now its gone? All that hard work came to nothing? Wheres the justice? :(
Jam Par review Jam Par
Bryant Waters review Bryant Waters
Very fun
Sweet Cool review Sweet Cool
CL0UD Z3R0 review CL0UD Z3R0
Not bad
Not a bad game, the pet system is kinda lame and there really isn't too much to do but if you like this kind of game you will really enjoy it. I did have several issues with the game randomly crashing and it's kind of annoying but not really uncommon with play store games. I haven't stopped playing the game yet so there is definitely something I like about it.
Jam Benjamin Zafra review Jam Benjamin Zafra
always crashing
its a good game i really like it but for some reason, its always crashing whenever i click the challenge or the bag. please fix this issue and I will give this game a 5 star.
Justin Magsino review Justin Magsino
Good game
To the person complaining that there should be an offline way to play. The game would run based on your phones time rather than internet and people would be able to skip time just like the acceleration system which would be cheating/exploiting.
Ian Crowther review Ian Crowther
Wont let me log in
Ive tried everything from facebook to guest play and it always comes up with theres an exception please hit continue to quit the game
chengyuen93 review chengyuen93
Data disappeared (edited)
My two characters they just disappeared. After playing for so long.. I uninstalled the game. Edit: response very fast very good :) and I got my characters back :)
wan farihin review wan farihin
I like
Craig Rogers review Craig Rogers
I can't play offline??
This would've been 5 stars if i could play offline as well. Actually really annoying because i was really liking this game. Disappointed.
Michael Nash review Michael Nash
It is just a very slow passed game, it is slow in a combination of ways, mainly the leveling, but the attacks are slow as well, the skills don't do much (depending on the class), and the whole game pretty much evolves around gems which can take forever to get so you can't do much without them