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Show medical information on emergency situation and track family medical history

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Are you looking for an all in one family medical organizer to sort out the family medical history? How about minimizing health risks in case of emergency with the help of a responder alert app? With ICE Medical Reports: Emergency Help, you can not only seek medical help at the hour of need but also keep all your family medical records safe and organized in a single place. Save your personal or your relative’s family ID secure in a medical organizer app for a better healthcare experience. As one of the most popular ICE apps, this medical tracker ensures that your family health stays as a priority in emergency situation or under normal circumstances. The medical information app also keeps a record of immediate responders, so they can immediately notify a loved one in case of emergency. Use the medical help app to ensure your loved ones are safe from uncertain medical situations.

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Medical Organizer for Medical information
Are you tired of using binders for storing your family’s medical information? Will you like to use a medical history keeper app to save all your medical information in a single place? This medical organizer app saves you the hassle of sifting through medical reports manually as you can easily store and search medical info from this organizer app. Save and manage medical records within a few clicks.

Secure Medical History Keeper App
Unlike other ICE apps, this medical organizer is fully private and safe to use. Experience the peace of mind of seeking accurate medical help based on accurate medical info stored on this ICE organizer. This platform lets you safely keep all your medical history for each medical ID of your family. Healthcare providers can see this medical record and offer proper treatment based on medical records.

Alert Family in Case of Emergency Situation
Health emergency situation can befall anyone at any time. This ICE allows the immediate responders to connect with patient’s loved ones in case of emergency. So, you never have to worry about leaving your family member alone during an emergency situation. Rest assured that this app will alert the loved ones corresponding to the medical ID stored on it.

Features of ICE Medical Reports: Emergency Help
● Simple and easy to use ICE apps UI/UX
● Clean interface with smooth controls to keep family medical history
● Securely save your family member’s medical ID and other information
● Option for immediate responders to notify loved ones in case of emergency
● Hassle-free medical organizer app for ensuring the safety of loved ones
● Seek accurate medical help with the help of medical information on this app
● Medical tracker to maintain family medical records for healthcare service providers
● Ensure family health above all and alert responders during emergency situation
● Completely private and safe to use app to store your medical information
● Organize family medical history and other records using the organizer
● Keep a record of important patient information like name, address, location, medical history and more

15 days Trial account : Full access
Our 15-days trial gives you full access to all features of your chosen plan. If you would like to continue to use our service, upgrade to Single or Family Package.

Accessibility Service
One of the primary features of the app is the ability to view and access your medical information from your lock screen, which is facilitated via an accessibility service that you can activate. The accessibility service adds a widget to your lock screen after it's turned on. In an emergency, this widget assists people with impairments or first responders in taking action and accessing medical data.

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