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Make tasty ice cream

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Ice cream and juice are the best meals for summer. Do you want to learn how to make ice cream and juice? Today we can experience that in our games. You can make different ice creams and juices with 9 fruit flavors, you can also mix different flavors.
How to play:
1. Choose fruit, choose your favorite flavor in nine different fruits;
2. Cut fruit, there are different ways to cut for different fruits;
3. Stir and make ice cream and juice;
4. Choose your favorite desserts and decorations;
Characteristics of the game:
1. Unlock the mode, you have to complete the juice of the fixed flavor and collect enough coins to unlock;
2. Ways to cut fruit, cut fruits when they are in the air;
3. To stir juice and make ice cream, you must master well the time to stir;
4. Add decoration and appropriate dessert;
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