iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! APK

iBeer FREE - Drink beer now!
iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 1iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 2iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 3iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 4iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 5iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 6iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 7iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 8iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 9iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 10iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 11iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 12iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 13iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! screenshot 14
iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! 1.6 apk, update on 2016-01-13
Drink FREE beer on your phone! This hilarious trick looks like your phone is filling up with beer. You can then “drink” beer by tilting the device. Amaze friends and family with a phone so smart it actually makes beer!

✔ perfect beer simulation (seriously!)
✔ tilt to drink
✔ shake for foam & extra bubbles
✔ fake-break your screen
✔ FREE burp
✔ FREE lifetime refills!

Guaranteed to be fun and safe: From Hottrix, original inventors of iBeer, the award-winning comedy trick seen on TV and downloaded 90 million times! http://www.hottrix.com . Works on EVERY Android phone or tablet!

❤ Collect all our drink apps: Water, Chocolate, Champagne, Milk and many more! ❤

✔ Also try our new iBeer Live Wallpaper which turns your phone into an aquarium of beer, bubbles, and frothy foam without having to start an app. It lives behind your app icons and on your locked screen and can be turned in any direction.

If your Beer needs more love (cause it acts weird on your specific Android device because a huge cellphone corporation sold you a crap phone) we'll refund your money! Oh wait. It's free, be gentle!

HTC: 1-866-449-8358
Samsung: 1-888-987-4357
Motorola: 1-800-734-5870

Did you know?
We don't just make apps.
Hottrix is famous for fake body parts and magic stuff for stage & TV: http://www.hottrix.com

iBeer FREE - Drink beer now! APK reviews

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M Saif Kaleemulla review M Saif Kaleemulla
Stop the ads to increase your app rating. Only way to stop ads is to turn off Wi-Fi or mobile internet and then play prank. What a waste. Learn tips from apps like WhatsApp
Faez DJ review Faez DJ
Android lollipop has replaced the hardware left function from menu button to become recent apps button. Lollipop user unable to go to the ibeer settings to choose different beer. Appreciate if ibeer developer can create a setting button on the ibeer screen. Example. A triple dot button.
Marryna April review Marryna April
All you do is press a red button and drink. Where is the fun?!?! #boring Infact, it was so boring I uninstalled it.
jason guzman review jason guzman
The only things i dont like is that the little ad pops up all the time and the other one is that when u finish drinking the beer it burps
Jophe May Opsima review Jophe May Opsima
Because i trick many peoples and they always say a bad girl and also saying stupid hahahahahajajajaja
jorden hinley review jorden hinley
My complaint is that it runs out to fast. I just want them to fix that. Plz make it run out slower.?.I absolutely love the app though. It is hilarious.???????????????????
Ayesha Wyne review Ayesha Wyne
Well, for the past 3 years there have been dumb games like dressing and makeup blah blah. But i dont know if its old or not, but its a formal game
Vartex Nicolian review Vartex Nicolian
It's a cool prank, but the ad should not stay on the screen when we are showing it to people. Also it is going down too fast, not realistic...
supreme review supreme
It is really funny because of the burp after. I really like it. And plus u can make the glass break
Shelbie Pringle review Shelbie Pringle
We have the game and suck me into tomorrow. I hate it its crap with junk.
Salmaan khan rk review Salmaan khan rk
Please don't download it.... It's just lyk a basic model
Mejon Barnard review Mejon Barnard
I try to tilt it to work but the beer stays at one place
Rohaini Alice review Rohaini Alice
I saw myself in the mirror that I was like a beer in real life. And please download it right now. It's real fun to prank your friends with this app.
Anthony Michalski review Anthony Michalski
I had to install just to ask this simple question. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO FAKE DRINK BEER????? I don't get it
Jazze ROSE review Jazze ROSE
My mom told me of for drinking beer when I was explaining to her its fake now im banned for playing:(