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Find and pay for anything from nearby stores and providers

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Hubtel - Find & pay nearby description

You're already living the Hubtel lifestyle..

Everyday you find and buy the things you need or want to live your life. It’s the basics that enhance life in a big, busy city - from grabbing food to eat, medicine to heal, phone credits/data to connect or sending money to folks that help you.

Hubtel is your errands guide to the city... Helping you find and buy anything.

Live the urban lifestyle
Pay for everyday services with ease: bills, airtime, internet data, bank transfer, mobile money insurance, sports betting, and more.

Find and buy anything
Order for food, groceries, electronics, and more. Find, choose, buy and we're on our way to your door.

Fast delivery within minutes
Hubtel's delivery is just like sending someone on an errand. Our delivery covers all locations within the city. With fast motorbikes and vans positioned nearby; ready to pick up orders to your location.

100% money-back guarantee
All payments on Hubtel are regulated by the Bank of Ghana. If you're not satisfied, we operate an instant, 100% no-questions asked, money-back guarantee.

VISA believes in Hubtel
Hubtel partners with Visa International to securely process all your Visa and Mastercard payments securely and with full instant money-back guarantees.

Care when you need it
We're only a feedback away. Chat with us from within the app or email us at [email protected] for a live response within minutes.
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