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Connected projector, thermometer, humidifier,... for perfect nursery environment

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756 ratings

Hubble for Smart Nursery description

Hubble Connect for Smart Nursery is the future of baby nursery experience.
Advanced data analytic allow unheard of levels of monitoring and control across multiple devices, all
in real time, and all wherever you are, while scales and projector
maintain the perfect nursery environment, all the time. Together, they bring greater understanding,
greater empathy, and greater connectivity to the most precious thing in your world, your baby.
Mobile app helps monitor, analyze and control every Baby Connect device.

Baby & Me Scale
- Connected Scale with Baby Growth Tracking
- Control from Compatible Devices
- Track Parent and Baby Weight History
- Sync Weight Data to Hubble Server

Dream Machine
- Connected Sound and Light Show Projector with Audio Monitoring
- Control from Compatible devices
- Control Light show Projector with 3 Animated Scenes
- Night/Mood Light control with changing Colors
- Set Triggers and Notifications

Audio Monitor
- 2-way Communication
- Night Light
- Sound detection and alert

- Automatically store readings in App
- Individual family member Profiles
- Record temperature track (list and graph), timer - to do list, nursing suggestions

- Common Device Dashboard for listing and easy Control

- Seamless Switch to Hubble for Motorola Monitor Camera App
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