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Holy Bible Offline 2.9 apk, update on 2018-09-18
----------- New features in version 2.6 ----------
* Bible reading
* Audio Bible
* 1000 praises
* Bookmark chapter
* Multiple selection of verses

We are proud and happy to release the Holy Bible Offline (KJV) in android for free. Holy Bible Application is simply designed to make it available OFFLINE complete. Internet connection is not required to read the bible verses. The app contains both "Old Testament" and "New Testament". Search option is also provided for quick reference of King James Version. Forum has been included to have spiritual discussions.

We sincerely hope that this app will rejoice you.

App requires two permissions, namely
1. Your Location (For Ads)&
2. Network Communication (For Ads)

Please feel free to mail us your feedback. We are glad to accommodate to your suggestions in the App.

--------------------- Updates in Version 1.4.1 Released on 09th Dec 2014 ---------------------

* Settings option added in the verse reading page
* Day / Night reading modes added
* Increase decrease font sizes added
* Adjust screen brightness added
* Bugs fixed.

--------------------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- ---------------------

Holy Bible Offline APK reviews

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jay mac review jay mac
Bible app off line
The best ever read the word anywhere and still save data
pamela perkin review pamela perkin
Hi. I do love and appreciate your presentations. I am a YAHWEH
Donna Lapham review Donna Lapham
Its good but can be better
Its good when u dont have credit I think its still missing somthing um like getting ur daily bible verse like you version bible app and it needs with some words. The dictionary meaning to understand so maybe a translator or games. That teach u about the scripts just a couple ideas for u
Kirk Davis review Kirk Davis
Thanks for keeping original wording
Really appreciate you adding night reading God bless you guys
Phillipine Kaluhoni review Phillipine Kaluhoni
I like this app although it could do without the adds. The main thing is that its the word of God and nothing has been removed or added to it. Unlike in the case of my previus youversion bible where many of the verses were mising in NIV version e.g. Matthew 17:21, 18:11 and so I couldn't trust it anymore. Nevertheless, i have this one and i hope it stay legit. I love reading God's Word and I only ask for his word without it being changed and that's why I'm quite satisfied with this one.
Sir plz check the Tamil bible it not show all word search plz
Full the concordance properly
Helen Santos review Helen Santos
Super helpful
Holy bible offline help us in bible reading anywhere and bible quiz is so interesting thank you !
Joe Robertson review Joe Robertson
Love it
I love it and to all those people saying "oh theirs to many ADs than ur really not trying to seek the lord cuz if u were u would be totally focused on the lord and what he's trying to tell u through his holy word
thang zou review thang zou
User friendly is da best part of dis app
plz add multiple versions to choose from...u kno like King James Version, American Standard Version so on...the layout is a bit simple....but still its a good work tho. i'll giv 5☆ as soon as i get another versn to choose frm... keep up da good work..God bless
Nancy Leath review Nancy Leath
If you put your thumb across the bottom of your phone as you read you will not be bothered by the ads.
Terry cobb review Terry cobb
Can't get versions of Bible useless for church.
Can't use for group study obviously these are not Christian me writing these apps or they would know whats needed. Dont buy into these poor excuses for an app.
dennis kumar review dennis kumar
Holy bible is also a great thing and thank u so much to keep such a amazing app
Cynthia Wahatt review Cynthia Wahatt
My all time bible
Really helps me in my bible study especially the quiz
Jesus Fugen review Jesus Fugen
NKJV Offline Bible
This is a perfect Bible app. We can buy all sorts of unnecessary things that are very much expensive. For the bible that is just a fraction of the price we pay. I wont exchange this for anything. God bless.
Vanlalrema Vantawl review Vanlalrema Vantawl
Handy, light with tools necessary for a Bible reader.
While traveling i carry the Bible which is heavy and bulky, this app solves it all. Thank you.