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Hollywood Rush
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Hollywood Rush 1.3.3 apk, update on 2020-08-20
Run from the paparazzi and rise to fame in this all new Hollywood inspired game!
Jump, slide, and dodge the paps’ flashing lights as you make your way through the glamorous and busy streets of L.A. Rush between Hollywood movie sets, studio lots and all the most famous landmarks to become the most famous celeb in La-La-Land!

> Rush through over 50 challenging and fun levels on your way to fame!
> Choose from 10 celebrity characters each with their own unique, Hollywood style!
> Unleash your star power ups! 6 powerups: rocket boots, superhero costume, bubblegum jump, your own personal convertible car and more!
> You’re blowin’ up! Fans go crazy and tweet about you when you rush next to them!
> Compete against your friends to be the most talked about celeb in Hollywood! See their best scores and challenge them!

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Hollywood Rush APK reviews

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Melissa Designs review Melissa Designs
Its only been 5 days and its really hard. Also I would like to say plzz for one day only we can choose any person! Thx so much
Nitin Gupta review Nitin Gupta
Reached level 91 and the controls freeze after playing the level a bit. Would like to report this bug as it happened on my friends phone too.
Zero Karma review Zero Karma
I just got the game and already acting up,first of all I'm trying to pick the character and level are messing up, so I reset and still did not work. Pls fix the game control or something this is a amazing game from the looks on it to play.Thank u
Sãvage Quëën review Sãvage Quëën
I wished that it would have had different scenarios every time she ran. Or play a simultaneous one from a certain number of scenarios... But the game is pretty cool
Marc Greenacre review Marc Greenacre
I love this game. It is sometimes frustrating when you get caught. INSTALL THIS APP!!!!
Purr-ple Kitt-ay review Purr-ple Kitt-ay
I loved that you can try to tiger out who the characters' person is in real life and how in this game you trust people\fans and how you are not a bad kid running from a cop like in *Subway Surfers*
Julia Cevallos review Julia Cevallos
Ughhhhhh this is just like, to hard I mean you reach level 95 and then it freezes and well really you want us to pay money for a character I mean $2!
Music Is Life review Music Is Life
Nice game...but it's totally same as Subway surfers...and kinda hard game...the level increases abruptly very much..and sometimes i get tired for getting 3 stars in every level..=( but the nice thing is that it doesn't have any engergy(Refills) or some kinda those things ..
A Google user review A Google user
It is a very COOL game and i love the topic! It gets frustrating when u bump. Still awesome though. Everyone should get this game!!!!!
Jerry Batchelor review Jerry Batchelor
I like the game is a little bit of addictive but I think the game needs a little bit more diversity maybe you could create a character that reminds that's of Beyonce or Rihanna and the graphics needs some work and the bugs in the game definitely need to be worked out as well and maybe get throw in a couple of different worlds or something like that
Jasmine Elliott review Jasmine Elliott
This is a addictive game to play. I enjoy being the superstar running from the paparazzi and liking my fans and flying everywhere. AMAZING!!!
Softboundline89 player review Softboundline89 player
This game is fun but the thing I hate about this game, is how much ads it plays. Also you can't skip the ads either so yeah.
Angelina Moraga review Angelina Moraga
Great idea but the controls are terrible I tried to swipe up then it made me lose
A Google user review A Google user
I hate this game whenever your going to another level it dosent let you go
A Google user review A Google user
I just installed the game and it is acting crazy already. So annoying