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Heat the Soul: Spiritual Awakening 1.0.1 apk, update on 2018-04-20
"Jump into the brand new action game based on the mega-hit manga and anime. Build you team choosing your favorite characters and become the best Shinigami in soul society!

100% reproduce your favorite characters, weapons, skills, musics and scenes from manga.

Exciting Action in Gameplay
Epic graphic and simple joystick/gesture control, provide you a super exciting gameplay.

Follow the manga story from the moment when you first meet up. Challenge the enemies and complete quests that recreate scenes from the story.

Combine your favorite characters into teams of three. You can make any combinations of characters whatever you want.

Join in daily and weekly leagues. Develop your best Shinigami team against other players’ teams all over the world."

*If you have any questions or problems with our game, you can always reach us at [email protected] It is our policy to reply to all questions within 3 business days.

Heat the Soul: Spiritual Awakening APK reviews

nick mcmaster review nick mcmaster
If u didn't make player's pay to play it be a perfect game, also the limited stamina ruins the playability. I suggest u give us unlimited stamina and make it a non pay game. Completely free no credit card or purchase at all. Of course w use certain things in game to buy other things but never real cash. I ask other players to support this let the creator know this is what we want
MajestyBethanyTarts review MajestyBethanyTarts
I love the game! I'm a huge fan of Bleach and play basically play any Bleach related game, but this one is probably my favorite. The gameplay is easy to understand and it's not so easy to pass levels in the game, like any game should be! I aim to get every character in the game, which will probably take awhile. I really wanna get Ichibei, but I probably won't be able to. Such as character play, all the characters that I've played so far have unique skills. Hope this is understandable.
Kyrin Viralaine review Kyrin Viralaine
I used to love this game but after two app reset wipes, I'm over it sorry going to brave souls who's with me?! Update: after reaching out to the admins on I was able to recover my data from my Google account. The data can not be transferred from ios to Android but that's fine. Thank you admins, sorry for the salt.
Specctre review Specctre
The Ultimate Duel shards for Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Shinji, Lisa, Haribel, and Ichisobe need to be more obtainable through purchases and hot tubs. Otherwise, they stepped it up in the last update, and they added Haribel!!! It's a REALLY fun game for Bleach without looking at chibi sprites all day. I would DEFINITELY recommend this game for any Bleach enthusiast!!!
Alan Wong review Alan Wong
It's been months, no major updates pass level 80, hells gate won't pass 31... Duel of fate broken shards prize for ichibel... Vip members and spent ton of money like others and now the game is just pure boring... This game is Just collecting newer players money to level up, unlock level 81 already... Either that your just waiting for players that been playing since last year to quit spending all their money to upgrade.. The game has hit a brick wall
Danny Valle review Danny Valle
Always having issues with "logins" and freezing gameplay And when I ask for help from their tech support they never reply and when they do they just give you an attitude Extremely tired of this BS I have a ton of time and money invested in this game. People please don't waste your money or time in this game!!!!!!!!! :^ /
Haze X2 review Haze X2
Pretty good for a mobile game. Controls are good, game looks great. My only problem is that there are way too many pay to win bonuses. If you guys made it more friendly for free players, I would gladly give this app five stars.
Eric taylor taylor review Eric taylor taylor
This used to be my favorite game. I played everyday.but they made a glass ceiling recently for players that don't want to spend 300 dollars a month. Yu need blood hogyoku to finish leveling characters and they have removed them almost entirely from the game unless yu pay for them in game with real money. Now i feel like I've wasted my time playing to where I am. And I'm number 3 in my division.
Rodney Rockenbaugh review Rodney Rockenbaugh
It won't open after the last update. I'm sure you guys are trying to fix it once you guys do I'll change my review and up my stars to 5. I have been playing this game for a while and I have to say that I absolutely love this game so I hope you guys hurry.
Billy Dos Santos review Billy Dos Santos
I really like this game because i like a lor i spend a lot of money as well today i update the game i was in server 24 but now mi account dont exist WHY??? I try in every server to be sure and i cant find it if you can fix it i going to be really happy if not i dont going to play again
Mitch Harley review Mitch Harley
Would give higher stars but i just toped of another 50 bucks. And all a sudden i get logged out because someone else is on my account and now game wont update
Zainulabdien BaAgeel review Zainulabdien BaAgeel
Love the game, but just a heads up to developer's attention when you don't answer to your customers, needs and ask for all these permissions to start the game , you have a very bad after sale service which is like serving your dearest guest a cold cup of coffee and some in cooked meal! Just saying Other than that still love the game
Rajmund Szasz review Rajmund Szasz
I love it. A few changes at the new update but they are good! Your character is NOT deleted.. People are stupid and can't remember the server they were in.. I logged in with Facebook then look for server 14 and there was my character.. Easy peasy, lemon squise me...
Grant Courtney review Grant Courtney
I love this game so much! But there is one problem and that is on chapter 4 stage 7 when I get on the stage there is no one there it just shows my health the attack button, the defense button and that's it please fix this as soon as you can.
Anthony Kirbos review Anthony Kirbos
I really love this game! It incorporates everything into one game from the Manga! I especially like how they incorporated Ichibei from the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc! He has some sick skills in the game, my favorite being Dragon Roar!
Shaun Shaun review Shaun Shaun
It claims that you can get certain items in its store but they have never popped up at all. Certain characters are impossible to obtain unless you spend real money. Grimjows weapon is nigh obtainable. Plus all their events they launch now require real money as do all the new stat building features. Worst yet is they have yet to take down the friggin christmas decorations. But they will happily take your money.
Anthony DeNegra review Anthony DeNegra
I think the game is pretty good especially in comparison to the other bleach games that I played in the past. Seeing ichibei got me really excited though I had hoped to see the zero division first I think you pretty much got everything right with the Invincible effect on his skills but it would have been nice to see a silence move but that's just my opinion
Bradley Driscoll review Bradley Driscoll
I tried to play this game a while back, but it stopped working. I decided to try it again, and once again, after playing for about an hour, it no longer wants to load. It sucks because its actually a fun game when it works.
Lily Rasphoumy review Lily Rasphoumy
I liked it when I played, but the recent update got rid of my account. This is the second or third time I had to restart and it's troublesome. Uninstalling because I don't wanna deal with it anymore
Alan Handrinos review Alan Handrinos
I loved this game, but after the update it will not load my previous level 50+ character. I've spent a lot of time and put money into this game so you can imagine my disappointment. Also the developers have yet to respond to my email about the issue, so if something goes wrong with you're game you're screwed.
A Google user review A Google user
Do not invest in the game because if you do they will mysteriously cause a log in failure which will result in you losing all money invested and your progress They do not answer support emails. And don't think your account is safe because you link it with Facebook and you will still lose your account
I was level 65 and the new update have set me back to level 1.. all that time and money spent, gone like that.. needs to be sorted asap.. feel like I've been robbed
Lucypurr Kitty review Lucypurr Kitty
It's quite easy but time consuming but you can get your character back. All I did was login to diff servers until I found mine. Anyway this game is wonderful. I'm completely addicted and for anyone that needs a division search for my KonsAngels
Jason Pullins review Jason Pullins
The game itself is pretty fun, however the developers have locked a lot of stuff behind paywalls. Normally I don't mind that too much as long as the prices are reasonable (when compared to buying a completed game, I should be able to obtain all of the content in game for 60$ + time spent in game). However this game misses the mark entirely on price point, and I'm guessing it is Whale bait. On top of that, out of the few times I have made purchases in game, I have had issues claiming the prizes I was told I would receive for said purchase. I have used the in game contact feature to ask for help receiving said items and haven't heard back at all. As of now I'd advise you either stay away from the game entirely, or plan on being F2P only.
Karr Garcia review Karr Garcia
Love this game, and the developers will right you if you have an issue and help! Originally I went on tirade on here when my account got messed up but they fixed it! Love love love this game. For true bleach fans!
Lawrence Kusniss review Lawrence Kusniss
Very fun game with alot to do. Just make sure to remember your server #or u will lose your stuff. If u cant remember you can search through the servers 1by 1.
Ola Taiwo review Ola Taiwo
DO NOT DOWNLAOD!! I used to love this app, but after 2nd rest and loss of data and progress (after spending real money) I can't recommend it. I reached out to them and no response either, it's a time waste.
Brady Moen review Brady Moen
After an update I lost my level 67 character, all my unlocked characters and the progress from all my time and money I have put into this game. Please correct this, I feel like I have been robbed.
。あきら review 。あきら
I really love bleach anime waiting for the movie soon. So i play every bleach game and as you know already only two games exists, I focus mostly on this one. Now about the new character i havent ulocked him yet i mostly playing without spending so it will be hard for me. Something more about the game at the update i had problem as well with my account i had to un install and install again the game for be fixed.
Josh Ross review Josh Ross
Anyone complaining about losing your characters and profile, maybe you should learn to read the notes. They literally mention to remember what server you were on and to reconnect to that server after the update. It's your own fault, don't blame the devs
Bankai SSGSS Gear 5 SageMode Pan review Bankai SSGSS Gear 5 SageMode Pan
Are you F****** serious are you are charging players 300 plus dollars to unlock a character and that's only to unlock him you need over 150 of his weapon shards to unlock his skills and you get what like 10 GTFO and stop bribing players with in-game rewards to give you 5 star ratings. (I will edit this when you make changes and as it stands Soul Awakening is cheaper)
Demario Davis review Demario Davis
I like the game I hate the fact that this game will take money from u. Then developers give you a run around and don't give you the money they owe you or the stuff they owe you. So all in all enjoy the game don't spend money on it
Zeren Centris review Zeren Centris
Its a pretty fun game. I find myself always coming back to play and to get new characters. I really don't think I will get bored of it soon
VaDevil Epps review VaDevil Epps
It was good till i upgraded it and lost all my data i was Lv 78 and now i started from Lv zero. That is why i am uninstalling it. Bye bye my money. Shame on your prgrammers
Steffan Brunson review Steffan Brunson
After update application attempts to open and closes I have unistalled restarted multiple times and no change have not been able to use app for 4 days now and have only gotten one unhelpful response from devs
Jaden Vaughn review Jaden Vaughn
I really do like the game. But the last update ruined it. I can't even get on the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times. But I can't even get on the app itself. I just want to be able to play the game again
Andrew review Andrew
Since the latest update I haven't been able to log on the game or even open the app. As soon as I try to open the app it closes out immediately. It's been about 2 weeks or so and still no luck no response from the developers either.
Rhain Nelson review Rhain Nelson
As of update, i could not connect. Removing the game and trying to reinstall prevents it from even picking up the resource file, so i cannot install it again, never mind play it EDIT: got it installed after powering off my phine, still doesnt work, doesnt even pickup my original server, i have no "existed" server present EDIT EDIT: well done, we got our s%#t together. Next time us the commonly accepted principals of an uodate,maintenace mode your game and dont make the file availabel for download before completion, muppets. Other than that the game you copy is great :)
Xx Grimfang xX review Xx Grimfang xX
is there any way to get my data back your update deleted it all ive been getting so much work done and its all gone
Davon Graves review Davon Graves
Well i think it would be a good game from the apps how about I play it oh wait i can't play it because you cant start it without a facebook acount. Not everyone has Facebook. And I'm not about to create an account so please add a guest or another way to sign in. Please and Thank you