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Heat the Soul: Spiritual Awakening
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Heat the Soul: Spiritual Awakening 1.0.1 apk, update on 2018-04-21
"Jump into the brand new action game based on the mega-hit manga and anime. Build you team choosing your favorite characters and become the best Shinigami in soul society!

100% reproduce your favorite characters, weapons, skills, musics and scenes from manga.

Exciting Action in Gameplay
Epic graphic and simple joystick/gesture control, provide you a super exciting gameplay.

Follow the manga story from the moment when you first meet up. Challenge the enemies and complete quests that recreate scenes from the story.

Combine your favorite characters into teams of three. You can make any combinations of characters whatever you want.

Join in daily and weekly leagues. Develop your best Shinigami team against other players’ teams all over the world."

Heat the Soul: Spiritual Awakening APK reviews

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Joshua Sparks review Joshua Sparks
To everyone having trouble, you have to delete the older version from your device then download it. REMEMBER YOUR DIVISION # As you will need to re select it. I'm still giving it 1 star because they're nothing but money hungry pricks but they know people get addicted to the game. Hope this helps.
Adam S review Adam S
This game is the worst. Pay for a top up, won't get it 30% of the time. 75% of game mechanics don't work, have to close out and restart then hope the one you need (critical hits) actually works. Otherwise rinse and repeat. This game was designed by money hungry devs that don't care one whit about the player base. Do yourself a favor, don't even bother wasting space with this app. Should be permanently deleted from the play store, but like always they'll just upload it under a different name.
Mohanram Bassit review Mohanram Bassit
Only installing because i spent hundreds in the last one. Devs only care about your money, don't fix or take forever to fix issues, and the game is basically pay to win. Yiu can still get decently for free, but don't expect to get to the top that way. Take the 1 star reviews seriously... A lot of ppl stopped playing because of this games BS...
Eddie Welch review Eddie Welch
After figuring out how to reinstall the game. . . and still having my account. I'm so relieved to still be abke to play this amazing game. . . keep up the good work guys. But you need to put the reinstall instructions in the original game sign in error. I went through a lot before I figured it out. Love the apology gifts tho. Thanks dev team.
Blair Little review Blair Little
These guys seriously just re named the old game. Full of bugs, developers won't update or fix issues. It's a cash grab and they don't care about the players. Which is sad because it is a good game that has potential to be a great game
Johnathan Wilson review Johnathan Wilson
Hello everyone having trouble with the new update I hope you have linked your account to something in order to install this update you have to remove spiritual awakening then the game will install select your division and you all will be on your way to a happy game play again. Hope this helps you all and happy early Valentine's day.
Caboose M review Caboose M
For those who lost their progress, you have to choose the right server in the home menu. It should be there. Anyways, weird way to make an update but this game is pretty okay. Flash sales and stam refill should be the only things you spend magatamas on. Roulette is a waste. Overall it's pretty good.