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Build healthy habits - Track your well-being!

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Heart Rate & Blood Pressure description

Take control of your well-being with Heart Rate & Blood Pressure - your all-in-one wellness tracker! Log your health metrics, track your progress and health trends, and stay informed with useful health articles.

⚕️ What you can do:
- Easily record your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and BMI data throughout your day, especially before and after exercise and meals.
- Measure heart rate anytime, anywhere using your phone's camera.
- Gain insights through detailed logs and analyses of your health metrics.
- All information stays private and secure on your device. We never share or sell it.
- Access informative health articles for a holistic approach to well-being.

🤔 How's your heart rate measured?
❤ Flash your finger with built-in light.
❤ Camera detects tiny color changes from blood flow.
❤ Smart algorithms calculate your heart rate in real-time.
* Permission to access your phone’s camera is required for heart rate measurement.

This app provides health data for informational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional for concerns or abnormal health readings.
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