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Guns 1.118 apk, update on 2018-07-08
Guns is a realistic simulator with shooting range experience, which has most popular guns/weapons and their information, including Handguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Grenades, Knives.

Tap the screen or shake to fire, tap menu for settings.

Camera permission is only for camera preview in target mode, won't actually take pictures.

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Grim Shadow review Grim Shadow
Great app
I love this app and it's the best one on the play store. I think just in my opinion that an even cooler effect would be flash support for phones with a flash on them That would make it amazingly fantastic.
Please read all, right this game is good for when you'd angry or when you want to do fake fighting but the game need stuff like online shooting with any gun or try get it online or shoot a target but I can't argue good game(do more updates) love it and on last moan ? unlimited ammo why do you have to go off it to get your ammo back but guys get the game AND CREATOR RESPOND BACK PLEASE
Jacob Mitchell review Jacob Mitchell
need more guns and bombs and knifes and something were we can customer our own guns and p.s please get rid of the ads every single one of them even the ones on other
samsung galaxy review samsung galaxy
I'd just like to add something more than just asault rifles. There's a while variaty of guns other than asault rifles, grenade launchers as example. Or also a lugger for the handguns just something like that
A Google User review A Google User
It is so cool! I love it! The only thing is the More section. The tank is dumb. The flamethrouser is weird. And the throwing knives just won't work! But all the other guns are Op! I also love the shooting rang! Our family has had this game for years. One time we huck up our phone to our speaker and when our mom got home we yelled,Git on the ground!!!! And (shot at her).it was so funny! But we got in big trouble. 'o'
Dog Dog review Dog Dog
My only complaint is that there is a slight delay in sound with most of the revolvers. When playing Russian roulette, only the Taurus raging bull has the sound, vibration, and animation perfectly synced up. Fix this on the other revolvers and this app will be perfect.
Good App
Jacob H review Jacob H
Best gun app out there
I love the time and effort you put into this I've had this app for years and yet your always putting in more and ontop off that I like how you gives us the full history and use of each weapon and the Origin it came from. Thanks again
RAPtor_105 review RAPtor_105
Great game
The fact of the matter is these peaple think the games boring but they don't know any thing about guns but i do so i really appreciate the fact that there blind but i love it
Andrew Webster review Andrew Webster
So good
I think everything is great and please make and put in some more updates it will be great and the tank it's really cool but please more updates everyone says the tanks are dumb I don't think they are more updates please or I'll rate this app 1 star
Emily Carter review Emily Carter
Amazing app
This gun app was amazing. However it does crash occasionly. In future update I would like more weapons to use.
HayzeeHaze yo review HayzeeHaze yo
Won't work with my headphones for some reason now.... I like to use when I'm listening to music cause of the events happening in the world and when this happened it literally screwed up my reasoning for using it.
Tony kidnapped Freddy
Semi automatic rifles not assault rifles
Change your label to Semi automatic rifles not the propoganda term assualt rifles. Anything that is used to hurt people becomes an assault weapon, fists, a car, a fork, or a pen, etc. Don't fall into the mass propaganda terms intended to prejudice people and slowly take away our rights.
Andrew Krause review Andrew Krause
Dumb pop ups
Random pop ups make the app unusable. Fix this and will give more stars