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Guns and Spurs
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Guns and Spurs 1.3 apk, update on 2018-02-13
Become a lonely cowboy in the wild west, thirsty to take revenge for the death of his wife.

Run with your horse in an open world full of action!
Travel from town to town and take down your enemies in 10 "Wanted" missions.
Ride your horse and run through 10 challenging horse race events around the map.
Stylish 3d graphics with a third person perspective create a great and colorful atmosphere.
A variety of powerful weapons is available to be unlocked, including dual wield pistols and dynamites.
You can enter buildings such as saloons, gun shops, church and more. Also, you can buy new safehouses all over the map and change your character's outfits. The 'Wanted' missions include quickdraw mini-games.

Guns and Spurs not only offers the freedom to explore the old west, but also take part in horse race events and battle enemies that will stand in your way.

Guns and Spurs APK reviews

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Carl McPherson review Carl McPherson
Great game and open world but not much to do after 10 missions and 10 'races'. Can you add more missions or mini games as these get old quick. Can there be an option to redo the races and missions?
Var AzzaL review Var AzzaL
Excellent! Needs a way to customize sensitivity when moving.
Anwar Ahmed review Anwar Ahmed
It is better than before
vasiliki tsif review vasiliki tsif
I love it! Great :)
Life's End review Life's End
This game is awesome.
Fun game and its freeeee!! Thnx for another great app <2
Joseph Alles review Joseph Alles
Realy good. I have no problem with the joysticks and i even finished the whole game in one day only.. The game is good but with only short quest. Plus, i discovered some glitch. I think. Where you can purchase an items or houses without you actually losing the money. For sample i have earned 4k then i would like to purchase a house. After purchasing go kill myself and wait to revived. You still owned the house and your money got back as before you killed yourself. I am looking forward for the part 2
Warren Summerlin review Warren Summerlin
Second wanted mission is impossible the joystick is terrible but the game is not bad other than that... Ok help with Your horse race's hold the boot down to sprint with the horse after cussing the game out enough I found that out..OK update if you do circles around the bosses and draw their friends near them then move side to side shooting to kill all bosses.. After all the wanted mission's and races finding the Horseshoe's there's nothing to do.. I hope y'all keep expanding this game and fix the controls could be a great game...
RJ wolff review RJ wolff
Best wild west game ever but add some alasoes so we can tie the people up and put them on the horse with us ,make the train move so it can go back and fort and we can get on a cart not to drive it and let other people ride horses including the police so they can case us but not to fast just so we can lose them and again nice game thanks for listing .
I should say that this game is a heck of a game. I didn't think it be as good but it worked perfectly. One thing that needs improving is that i want to whistle for my horse and that you can go anywhere you like. Apart from that it is a good game.
Maeldred Prado review Maeldred Prado
Wow this game is kinda familiar like wild west the game i used to play on my samsung wave which is not android it has the same guns and events but i already finish the game just now and bought all the guns and found all the horseshoe and unlock the golden pistol i wish you could add more chaper or mission to the game add more story
Younus Jamali review Younus Jamali
Its a good game but controls have to be better. Plus 2nd wanted mission n 2nd race are basically impossible. Idk what to say about this app. Its good but imediately after first wanted mission n race its become boring because of its difficulty
Todd Pate review Todd Pate
Great job listen just keep those updates your close to a great thing PLEASE keep adding guns and PLEASE make the game long for 5***** Big Stars .Thank you Team !!!!
Scott Grundy review Scott Grundy
Nailed it! This game is a instant Mobile Classic with its N64 feel and cut throat entertainment its hands down more than just a time waster I highly recommend this game to all
Abhay Kumar review Abhay Kumar
What the Hell, the controls are worst, I move, but camera moves after 1 or 2 seconds and in that time enemies killed me.