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Gun mod for minecraft pe is a collection of new weapons in minecraft.

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Gun MOD for Minecraft PE description

Gun mod for minecraft pocket edition contains well-known actual guns for minecraft and improvements for minecraft shooting games.

Weapon mod enables you to get modern guns for minecraft.

For example ak 47 minecraft allows you to shoot mobs using modern russian automatic weapon.

Also, you can take the rifle mod and protect yourself against aggressive players and zombies.

Have you ever dreamed of shotgun minecraft ?

With this app you can get even more:

- Take in your hands pistol mod

- Attack with the most famous p90 mod

- Become a god with a rocket launcher mod

- Or just take legendary minecraft mp40.

This app contains even Laser Gun Addon and various mcpe weapons.

1. Download MOD
2. Create new World in creative mode with enabled cheats for game and experimental gameplay
3. Follow the guide from recipes book.

DISCLAIMER: GUN MOD for MCPE is not made or supported by Mojang. Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition are official trademarks of Mojang AB. The developers of this MCPE MOD do not cooperate with Mojang. This application fully adheres to the terms set up by Mojang AB. More info at https://account.mojang.com/terms.
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