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GROW CUBE 1.0.1 apk, update on 2016-09-17
Both adult and kids can enjoy the game [GROW].

[How to play GROW]
You tap the panel and makes things in field grow.
You would complete the game when all panels' level would become Lv.MAX.
You have to think about the order since there are deep relations with each panel when they are growing.


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Cepi Setiadi review Cepi Setiadi
The 2nd best after grow valley
Bridgette Kirk review Bridgette Kirk
Too cute Simplistic yet fun. I solved it in 1 day. So for those who say there are no directions it is rather a basic match up to get a chain reaction for to max out each thing all at the same time. None the less it's just a guessing game anyways. So just have fun and try another grow you might like another better if not this.
Hillary Rios review Hillary Rios
I love this game!!! I remember when i was a kid i would play this on the computer but could never beat it. Years later i find it in the app store and was finally able to max everything out!! The gameplay is simple and graphics are cute. I'm a bit sad to not see grow island available as well but nonetheless am glad to find the eyezmaze team and play their games once again!
Detroying_ yo review Detroying_ yo
I enjoy this game! It is fun to watch all the different combos. It's definitely not for everyone, as is obvious by the ratings. Completion to me isn't the fun part, seeing all the possible combinations and how things really turn out is the best part! Yes, logic isn't the deciding factor, it's not a puzzle, just a simple game about choices and seeing how order can affect things. I think, best appreciated by programmers for the simplicity of the various ideas.
Steffanie Swayney review Steffanie Swayney
I used to play the old computer version all time! So glad its here on my phone now. As for that kid saying there is no logic to the puzzle, thhat's not true. Not to be rude but ge must have something wrong with his logic probably because he's a child? Anyway AWESOME GAME
Iron234 review Iron234
Well it was cool and difficult. But even though I raided 5 stars, I think there should be a sequel were people can do it for hours without failing Also making the cube bigger or get bigger over time. If you reply to this, creator, hopefully my Idea gets done. If so.. I want credit in the game description saying "Original idea from Iron234." thank you.
Tas Nagy review Tas Nagy
After a long time I have figured it out. If you dont have time or want to know what happens then here is how you do it. First put down the man, lake, plants, pot, tube, fire, treehouse, bone, springs and finnaly the ball. Have fun
Matthew Champagne review Matthew Champagne
Alot of the reviews seem to believe that the order is completely arbitrary in which case it is not. You can most certainly use logic to determine the order. You use trial and error to determine how long it takes things to grow and which things need other things grown in order for them to continue to grow. I know at first I believed it was completely by chance that you would get the correct order, but there is indeed a method to the madness.
Edward Haas review Edward Haas
When I read the reviews, the top one said that it would be enjoyed by programmers. I am a programme so, logically, I downloaded the game. It's fun finding the solution using inferences based on common events in a random sample. I've found 4 solutions (I think that's all of them), so good on you if you find them all. I also have found a few things that aren't solutions, but don't seem related to the solution (for example: the fire can jump onto the treehouse). It's good if you like that, for 1-2 hours
XxSweet2KissesxX1 review XxSweet2KissesxX1
Took me 10 minutes to beat. This is a good concept and I liked the graphics. It'd be nice if this wasn't a one time use game. Extend with more levels with different objects and outcomes. Uninstalling for now.
Cj King review Cj King
Bro first I was like woah then I was like woah then I said totally bananas them when the drop kicked it was like totally radified, you diggington so what would o Change? Cereal replayibility but overall, platinum giraffed dawg
Zero explanation, zero logic, purely trial and error, this isn't a game, this is pressing a single button and watching someone else do everything for you. The animations are cute though.
Rajah Naidoo review Rajah Naidoo
One really, really, really bad thing... THE COMPLAINTS! Instructions too vague? When have you played a game that gives a step-by-step guide? Actually play for 10 seconds and the aim is obvious. Too easy/finished fast? You googled how to win. I do agree it would be cool if logic decided the winning order, but otherwise still a great game.
UnskiP12 review UnskiP12
It's a very cool game if you just have the patience. I reaLily recommend this to everybody. I have played this like all the time and I'm addicted! So go on there and play!
Jeffrey Pierce review Jeffrey Pierce
I love how this game tricks you. Also, the lack of resources you are given really makes you think of what you have to do. It is really fun to see what actions affect other things in different ways!