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Join our community of wavy path takers accomplishing great things, together

Groove: Productivity, but Fun description

Hey you! Yes, you! We're glad you found us. We're Groove, a global community of solopreneurs and all around groovy people accomplishing great things, together.

Who We Are: Essentially, we're Linkedln + WeWork + The Best Cocktail Party You've Ever Been To. Groove is so much more than a productivity app:
We're a place to meet like-minded people from around the world.
We're a social network.
We're a place to have fun while we get stuff done.

How it Works: Join a Groove: Open the Groove app to start or join a Groove. Others will join you soon, and you'll get started with a short video check-in to say hi and share your goals for the session.
Dive into your deep work: Go off video to start conquering your to-do list. Cheer on your fellow Groovers in the chat. You're winning at Mondays
Regroup: After you've flowed through your 50-minute Groove (two pomodoros), you'll hop back on video to share your successes, set your next set of goals, or wrap up your day knowing you did your best.

*What will you do in a Groove? *
Maybe you want to use Groove to tackle your to-do list at work: put the final touches on your upcoming presentation, or finish that logo for your new client. But Groove is for so much more than traditional work. Members of our community have used Groove to write their novels, complete work-outs, take a lunch break, and write a letters to friends across globe. What you do is up to you, and we'll being supporting you on every step of the way.

*Who Grooves? *
You know those coworkers you always want to grab lunch with? That's the Groove community: energized people based all around the world who gather to help each other accomplish great things. Whether you're a creative, remote worker, freelancer, entrepreneur, or full-timer with a passion project - you'll find motivation and support here.
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