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5.10.6084 (203152957.203152957-000302)
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Google Play Games 5.10.6084 (203152957.203152957-000302) apk, update on 2018-08-15
Games are more fun with the Google Play Games app. Discover your new favorite game, then challenge your friends and track your achievements. As you master more games, show off your skills in your gamer profile. Plus, you can pick up where you left off from any device. Play the world, anywhere in the world, all from one place.

Gamer profile: Create your custom Gamer ID, earn XP, and level up as you master games across Google Play.
Achievements & leaderboards: Complete challenges, earn awards, and track them all right from the app. Then, see how you stack up against other players.
Built-in Google games: Play PAC-MAN, Solitaire, Snake, and Cricket — even when offline.
Arcade: Find something fun in our New, Trending, and Editors' Choice collections.
Gameplay recording*: Easily record and share your best gaming moments from your favorite mobile games.

* Only available in certain countries

Google Play Games APK reviews

Rendra Wijaksana review Rendra Wijaksana
Aplikasi Sim FreePlay nya ga bisa dibuka lagi
Andrew Breeden review Andrew Breeden
This is such a good idea, and a pretty good implementation. It seems like there could be a bit more to it, but I'm not quite sure what yet. Maybe something social? Something to increase competition and help get the word out of what it is? That's the biggest problem with this platform really. Not enough users know about it and it's features. I really wish more developers would use the matchmaking API too. But all in all, this is the right way to go. Please never give up on this idea Google!
Qle Alexevann review Qle Alexevann
I really don't like peoples who are saying: "Again, we have to download an app which not useful for me, I love Google..." IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HAVE ANY GOOGLE APP, JUST GO DOWNLOAD ANY OTHER ROMS !!! we don't ask you to comment here if It's only for " I don't like Google." Anyway, this app is cool because of installed apps (when you don't have anything to do ^^)
Little Miss Blue review Little Miss Blue
What is the point of having this as a seperate app? It just takes up space and keeps trying to install and update apps without asking and downloading viruses randomly. All while using up my data. If possible don't install this app under circumstances. You will get viruses and data charges if you do
A Google user review A Google user
It was fine until it started screwing the hell out of my phone. Its sending me notifications for apps that potentially cause viruses. And, also, while I'm watching my videos on youtube, my phone sends me to a random app to DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY! FIX IT, OR IM DELETING THIS APP!
A Google user review A Google user
What is the point of having this as a seperate app? It just takes up space and keeps trying to install and update apps without asking and downloading viruses randomly. All while using up my data. If possible don't install this app under circumstances. You will get viruses and data
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart review Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Hey Google Play Teams! I like your efforts for providing us better experience in mobile gaming. I'd like to give you 5 STARS if you fix this; Why when I play Vainglory the recording feature is so laggy, I mean very-very laggy.. and sometimes recording game is just a waste of time (my phone is Motorola Droid Turbo 1).
Rey Miguel Perez review Rey Miguel Perez
Dear Google, The last update had made the Google Play Games app went down the drain. If ever there was the problem on your latest update please trobleshoot it for the sake of general public. After I updated this app I can't even play my games. There were lags on the screen and there were automatic pop-ups in the game that I am playing and connected with my Google Play games which I am not intended to click on the first place. Sometimes the back button on my touch screen is not functioning. Thereby making the games unplayable and unenjoyable to play. Sincerely yours, Rey Miguel Perez
Laureen Hall review Laureen Hall
Gotta offer better free offline games than what's given. Sheesh, those 4 games cater for first gamers only. Wondering whether i need this app. Prefer to have a change of mind by the next update so i can up the ratings to a 5* again. Sori Team, nxt time hah?
Mike rout review Mike rout
I have the Google pixel 2, and Google play don't load properly. I need to reboot my phone every time I want to use it, and yes that includes playing games linked to it. It's really annoying the hell out of me. Fix it fast.
Tammie Cowan review Tammie Cowan
I've ALWAYS loved Google play, I mean obvi that's the ONLY way "We" Andriod users get ALL our apps. I've never had a prob with it till now, and not 100% sure it's their fault but, I can't get apps to download!? It just sits there saying downloading but never actually starting! I've cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled updates, still Nothing! Ugh anyone else have this prob!? Plz help!?
TT C review TT C
Keep getting an error message saying 'having problems connecting to google play' in Hustle Castle & Undervault. Plus because its constantly tyring to connect it causes the game to force closes everytime I play. I also lost all my data in Cooking Fever, which was 4+ years of playing with a rank of over 400 and owned every restaurant & special items that I cannot get back. Spoke to developer and they said it would be in google play, but it wont load, just shows like I only just began playing.
goose review goose
Why can't we have our own avatar? I hate the choice that Google play have to offer...also it would be nice if we got rewards on the games we play through Google play...I'm not a fb user but they always seem to get offered rewards for playing through fb why can't google play do the same.....In my opinion it would make playing through Google play much better....
Avan R review Avan R
Terrible app. Games usually save data to Google cloud, or in their own servers or in the device, so why do I need this? I can't manage games in the app (not because I downloaded a game I want to keep it forever in my library). And the app does not even do what it should (for example hide apps). Another example of Google's decline over the years.
Mollie Ruminer review Mollie Ruminer
At first I thought it was to search and download games at first so I deleted it because I already have one of those and now it will not install it will get halfway then crash. After it stopped crashing it took 10 minutes for it to download and then it took a few more minutes for it to show up on my phone screen. I hope this problem fixes because Google products are normally really fast and easy to download.
A Google user review A Google user
I wish I had never downloaded this app. You can never deactivate the account. It has caused so many problems with my game I may have to stop playing. Cant put game on new device used to sync well with Facebook. This app has stopped that. Dont download it has ruined my gaming experience. No help from them at all. Having to pay to put game on new tablet I bought just for my game. What a mess.. what a huge mistake downloading this app.
rekha chitara review rekha chitara
Its a worst app because it doesn't works, when I signed up in it, it shows that you have not done yet. DEAR EDITOR PLEASE TRY TO IMPROVE IT. I am waiting for your positive reply.
Calean Sixes review Calean Sixes
Does google make one app for achievements one for opening an app one for closing an app one for saves............just stop!!!! Do we have to have these apps... If u don't consider all that then u have a pretty solid Steam like achievement app for all your Google Play games. Still annoying and can't believe it isn't offline as you have to be online to use this!!
Celia Morgan review Celia Morgan
After installing this app, nothing but advertisements have appeared - ads appear when my phone is on standby mode and the screen is locked. The only way I know it's playing, is coz the sound is SOOOO loud. It plays ads when I'm not even connected to the internet. Since I'm not being paid for it, it feels like I'm being raped (in many ways). Thanks for reminding me why I never wanted to use technology, and why I've been preparing to create a life without it!
Debamalya Mukherjee review Debamalya Mukherjee
The app doesn't even open. Always says "Initialization failed. Please try again later". This used to work for me before but now it doesn't. Please help. I cannot access my save data in many games as it's not connecting.
Aiman Uzair review Aiman Uzair
I'm writing this to suggest google to add features to see recent data update for every game. Let's say, I reinstalled a game, I've played it before and gain tons of experience but then, after signing in again, I just didn't know that I had to restore before signing in. So with this new feature, I could easily delete the newest file and try to restore to the old data instead of the new ones. Thanks for reading this, I ran to some problems just now and I'm hoping you guys could give at least some thoughts to this.
Nathan Monopoli review Nathan Monopoli
Downloaded app and it wouldnt even open. Kept saying invalid http code. Very upsetting. This is my kind if survival game and in a world being over ridden by the type of game this was exciting too see. Very sad.
Brad Gibson review Brad Gibson
Do not like being forced to download apps or having the thing ask me every single time I open others apps. I said no I shouldn't have to keep doing it . So 0 stars for being annoying .
KHAN 20XX review KHAN 20XX
It has to update a bunch. I will be home 4 1 wk, but then I will b on vaca 4 2 wks. tps :) plz dont, I have a report of a few days. I 5 the park. the only thing that I havnt been plying been on vaca 4 3 wks and gfts :) going to the beach and gfts :) going to the beach and gfts :) going to have the option. if you are not the intended recipient, or a new phone, so we wouldn't be a good one. Okay?
Sam Dallas review Sam Dallas
This app has saved my game progress and my butt several times! I love that I can get a new phone without losing my game progress! I went 2 years without playing a particular game but when I downloaded it and signed in with Google Play, all of my stuff was still there and ready to continue from the last time I played!
rey gd review rey gd
This is worst app I ever seen in my life . Because actual size of this app is 7 mb and play store shown it at 14mb.. this app is only useful for certain types of games such as memory storage. Means while it just store our game progress in their servers but this is not going to all the apps in play store
A Google user review A Google user
You will get no support when games RIP you off and Control your phone device which is against the law. Stay away. The Developer rules are nothing but lies. Steele clear of any Playticka Developer sites. CASINOS
NebulaCoffee review NebulaCoffee
Not a bad app. The only complaint I have is that instead of changing my farm to the other farm that I was playing on in HayDay, it logged me out and said I can only choose the level 1 farm and my level 13 farm, that I worked hard on, would be deleted.
Simon Bolduc review Simon Bolduc
Why is there an option in the settings to "Delete Play Games Data", if it doesn't even delete the said data? Warning to any other user : once you link a game account to your Play Games account, you are stuck with this account forever. You can never start a new account in that game and link it to the Play Games service, the original account would simply overwrite the new one. This aplication did nothing but limit my ability to play how I wished, would never recommend.
G. D3MON3AT3R review G. D3MON3AT3R
you know, every time you update this crappy non needed third man in the middle app, which is what 10times a month? Everytime every app in the store goes roague, and completely malfunctioning the OS of every device running on Google. You know, for a trillion dollar company, you still hace alot to know when it comes to being the written GOG, of MAGOG. Always trying to get in here, get in there, people die, because some apps don't work, why? because your trying to see if things will run smoothly, when like every other tech out there has to already know, run, and fill every script before hand. But you, ( GOG), thinks exactly that... You know what is also written? GOG get defeated . Get over yourselves already, and no, you may not have a permission to make me sign in before i use my toilet, think is joke people? no,no, already here. why? we allowed it to be. sad, no hope for humans. we will all be Android soon . Ive already seen it.
Armando Yela review Armando Yela
i bought store but it error. Because this google play dont update yet. My lost money then After updated Google play. I feel pissed off.. google play very fault because of my lost money..
A Google user review A Google user
It keeps on saying that I can download an app but after about ten tries it still doesn't let me and it says I have enough space.It also says I could get help when an app isn't downloading but when I try all of the options it still won't download however on some days it let's me download small apps but sometimes doesn't but when I check on settings it says i have enough space for the larger apps but it just won't let me if you could fix these problems i would rate it 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Lil Blicky review Lil Blicky
Do we really need to download it seperatly cant you just implement it into anything that requires it because some of us android users might be runing out of space and we we may want to have our stuff brought back on our favourite games but just dont make it downloadsble i mean just look at the reviews your getting
Cindy Close review Cindy Close
I don't really even care about what this stupid app does or how well it does or doesn't do whatever it's supposed to do. I don't want to have to have it to play games that are nobody else's business, but mine. I don't want to get achievements or other stupid things like that. I just want to play my games.
vinay rajawat review vinay rajawat
This application still behave like it won't open in future. I tried to login for 1 hour. I'm facing this problem since 3 day's back when tried to open Google play application but it never responded normal.... It just loading all the time. Please fix this soon as you can.
moxit shah review moxit shah
i am paid one of games king of avalon(KOA) But amount is deducted from my bank account and not provide services and send the message session is expire and i dont know where to mail this failure so i m posted this message here can you help me out regarding there.
Cathy Haislip Grantham review Cathy Haislip Grantham
games I have uninstalled because they wouldn't start are still showing up in my library. and a lot of other games won't start up either. others say to check my network-I do- nothing's wrong. this is a brand new phone-so it's not it either. I'm extremely frustrated and ready to uninstall all of them.
Nakatomi Uk review Nakatomi Uk
Ok app but it doesn't take your current stats for games you've say played before you've installed this aka Angry Birds 2, so no achievements unlock so I would have to start again but I ain't doing that.
Brian Helip review Brian Helip
as XPlane beta tester i know how XPlane should work yet it is not working as it should wjen i uninstall this app it works fine that tells me there is a compatibility issue . now you owe me for doing your job. 25oo$ thank
Joe Grober review Joe Grober
Some People JUST Don't Get It, Without This Little App,Every time You Load Or Reload A Game It Keeps Track Of Your Progress So You Don't Have To Start Over Every Time...I Don't Understand The Negative Reviews...

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