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Good On You – Ethical Fashion
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Good On You – Ethical Fashion 4.0.6 apk, update on 2019-07-12
Want to make a difference when you shop?
Want to know the truth about how fashion brands treat their workers, the environment and animals?
Want to discover new brands that have a positive impact on the things you care about?

The Good On You app provides trusted ethical brand ratings for more than 1,100 fashion brands. It gives you the power to check on household brand names – from Abercrombie to Mango, from Nike to Zara.

And if you’re not happy with how your favourite brand rates, Good On You will help you find new stylish brands that are working hard to have positive impact on people, the planet and animals.

**At a glance**
Check how major brands impact on workers, the environment and animals
- Discover new ethical and sustainable fashion brands that match your style AND values
- Save on ethical fashion with exclusive offers from high-rated brands
- Make your voice heard by sending positive or negative feedback to brands.

Join us to help empower millions of people around the world to buy better.

**What they’re saying**

“Ethical shopping just got a whole lot easier “– Refinery 29
“Good On You is totally transparent about their rating system and what they are trying to achieve” – Elephant Journal

“If you haven't got the app already–get it !! It’s a must for everyone, as it helps you make decisions that reflect your values.” User review by Chloe201296 July 2016

2016 App Store Featured App

**How Good On You Creates Change**

Great style and beautiful products shouldn’t cost people’s lives or the environment.

We built Good On You to change the way people buy fashion. When millions of people #buybetter businesses have strong incentives to be sustainable and fair.

Most people want to buy better, they just don’t know where to start. Good On You is the answer. More and more people say they stop buying from brands they believe to be unethical. If you’re one of them, the Good On You app is for you.

** Our ratings **

Good On You uses a unique methodology to rate brands on how they treat their workers, the environment and animals. Good On You brand ratings are derived by aggregating rankings from groups like Behind the Barcode and Greenpeace, and certifications like Fair Trade and Organic Certified, supplemented with brands’ own publically reported policies and commitments.

More ratings are added every week. Can't find a brand you're looking for? Request it through the app and we'll let you know when we've rated it!

Our aim is to eventually rate every fashion brand in the world. You can help by suggesting the brands you want listed.

**Register with email or Facebook for a better user experience**

The app requires registration, allowing you to store brands as favourites, email messages directly to brands and optionally receive notifications when a brand rating you requested has been added.

Good On You – Ethical Fashion APK reviews

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Catherine Olphin review Catherine Olphin
This is a great app and I love how easy to use it is! I just have a couple of suggestions - maybe have more of a critique into plastic-based clothing as the microfibres are causing a huge amount of damage to our waterways. Also I'd love for this idea to branch out to cosmetics! Every time I want to buy a piece of makeup I have to look up whether it's microbead free/tested on animals so this app could do the job for me maybe!
M. J. review M. J.
While I wholeheartedly support the premise of this app, there have been some issues with the ratings. Cotton On as of 2017, was given a A- rating making higher than the CR group which had a B+ in the Australian Fashion Report. the app states that Cotton On is 'not good enough' and that Country road is 'good' despite having a higher rating in the report. I would strongly appreciate it if one of the developers of this app could send me a reply with an explanation for this so I and other consumers can gain some clarity on this matter to better make judgements when shopping.
Milica Hubik review Milica Hubik
I rate this app "it's a good start". I think that we need to be harder on unsustainable and child exploiting clothing manufacturers. A rating of "it's a start " may give consumers the impression that companies have done enough to deserve their custom. Let's rate them "not good enough" and send a clear message to the consumer that this corporation is still unethical/ unsustainable in many of it's practises.
Jack Pollock review Jack Pollock
Great UX and just the right amount of updates!
Taryn C review Taryn C
This app is a great start, but there are a few things that would make it better. 1. Rating organic cotton as 'great' for the environment is highly questionable given it still uses a lot of resources in the process 2. Sustainability needs to be considered in terms of longevity of the items as well - it's no good forking out for a great pair of sustainable boots (or dress or whatever) if they'll need to be replaced in 3-6 months. This should be a separate category Those are the main two.
Aldiana Sterjova review Aldiana Sterjova
useful and great minimalism user interface. great experience and good karma :) some surprising discoveries!
Nils Pawlik review Nils Pawlik
The Idea is great, but the database is still very small. From 6 tested Companys it only knew two, from the three international selling only one. Furthermore and even more annoying, you need an account to use the app. There is no reason at all to mandatory have an account and give them your data just to search the database. I can not recommend this app.
Ellen Hookey review Ellen Hookey
User friendly interface, offers good advice and alternatives to unethical brands.
Salsabila Natasha review Salsabila Natasha
YES THE APP THAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR IS AVAILABLE IN PLAY STORE. It seriously helps me in identifying which brand is greenwashing and 'admitting' that they are practicing fair trade principles. Really extensive research conducted for each of the brand, which I really appreciate, and the app is also posting articles relating to the ethical fashion industry! What else can I ask for? Really amazing app. Good job and I hope that with this app, many people would be more aware about the slow-fashion movement.
megan taylor review megan taylor
App has fixed mistakes with every update
My original review for this app was very poor, but I have found that with every update the performance has improved, and all of my original bugs and issues have been solved.
A Google user review A Google user
This app is so helpful. It is informative and easy to use, provides great recommendations for ethical alternatives in specific clothing styles and items, and is always growing and adding more brands. As well as rating the ethics of each brand, it further breaks this down and describes the brand's efforts in several areas, allowing you to prioritise the values that are most important to you. Researching the production processes of multiple brands on your own is much more time consuming, but this app does link to brands and retailers so you can do your own digging too, plus offering a cool feature allowing you to easily provide feedback directly to the brands.
Emma Woodward review Emma Woodward
Great tool for ethical shopping.
A Google user review A Google user
Great idea. It doesn't have all the shops in Ireland on it but has alot of them. It is a a move in the right direction and helps me make better choices.
Rebecca Battersby review Rebecca Battersby
New version works well and tells me exactly what I need to know. Simple, clean interface
Full Height Copy review Full Height Copy
I love the concept of this app but so far it hasn't been of much use to me in the UK. Despite setting my location, I haven't found any shops in my country. Can 'country' and 'men', 'women' and 'children' be added as category options? It would make things much simpler.