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Goku Warrior: Shin Budokai 2
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Goku Warrior: Shin Budokai 2 1.0.2 apk, update on 2017-02-22
The game features a brand new story that tells the tale of Majin Buu being released in Trunks' timeline. As Majin Buu is too strong for Trunks to handle alone, he uses his time machine to recruit the original Z warriors for assistance, eventually succeeding in the destruction of Majin Buu.

After being wounded by Future Dabura while protecting a city from one of his Ki Blasts, Future Trunks realizes that he can not do it alone. Future Trunks decides to travel back in time once more to receive help from the Z Fighters of the past, he has to save the Time Machine from Future Dabura's attack on West City

In both cases, after Future Dabura's defeat, the story progresses to chapter 3. However, if he fails to protect the Time Machine from Future Dabura's attack, Future Trunks decides to bring Future Gohan and Future Pikkon back to life for one day on Earth:

As Future Majin Buu refuses to listen to him, Future Babidi leaves him in Future Dabura's care and goes off to New Namek to use the Namekian to place Buu under his control. The Z Fighters follow Future Babidi to New Namek while the Supreme Kai and Kibito return to their world.

While they are looking for the last two Namekian, Future Broly appears in front of the Z Fighters, controlled by Future Cooler, but the Z Fighters still manage to get all the Namekian in a course against Future Broly, Future Cooler, and the Meta-Coolers. Just as Future Dende is calling Porunga, Future Babidi makes his entrance and reveals that Future Broly and Future Cooler are working for him.

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