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About this product

Operate the Glue Lock and manage your Glue InHome deliveries

Glue description

Open the door to your smart home

The Glue Lock is more than a means of unlocking your home without a key; it’s a digital home concierge service. Your new smart lock and app will change the relationship you have with your home, with your family and friends, and with the trusted partners and service providers that move in and out of your life. With the secure Glue home ecosystem, you’ll unlock a world of new possibilities.

Smart lock

With Glue Lock, your smartphone becomes your key that opens your door whenever you need it to, from wherever you are. You can also share and revoke digital keys in an instant - even for unscheduled visits; family and friends can come and go and guests can settle in while you’re away.

InHome deliveries

Make your life easier with convenient, secure and sustainable InHome Deliveries of groceries into your fridge, online shopping in your hallway and allowing service providers access when you are at work, in the gym or spending time with your family and friends. Available in select cities with our trusted InHome delivery partners.
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