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Glow Hockey 2 1.0.9 apk, update on 2016-03-02
Happy New Year with the New "Christmas" Theme !!!

Glow Hockey 2 delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents or play with your friends!

+ 2-player mode - Multiplayer (on the same device).
+ 3 themes.
+ Colorful glow graphics.
+ Smooth and responsive game play.
+ Realistic physics.
+ Quick play mode (single player), challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels (easy to insane).
+ 4 selectable paddles and pucks.
+ Vibrate when goal.
+ Support almost all Android devices for mips, x86, armeabi, and armeabi-v7a.

Glow Hockey 2 APK reviews

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Brad J. review Brad J.
Marshmallow bug!
Great game. Fun to play. However, since I upgraded to Marshmallow, each time I open the app, all my settings reset. I have to go back in and turn sound off and vibration off. This didn't happen in lollipop. Also, easy mode seems a bit too hard at times. Not a complete issue, but it makes this game harder to play. Thanks for the creative game and I'll keep playing it to destress.
Kartika Id review Kartika Id
Amusing, but not in long run
Boring as the time goes by. It also should have feature to change colour of the hockey glow. Provide more feature and game mode will make this game more interesting. I would very appreciate it, if you add the online option and world ranking. So we could play against each other and see our rank. And adding an annual tournament-like will be great. The high score (or such) feature also needed here.
Rishabh Sawant review Rishabh Sawant
I have always loved the game but..
Now a days it kinda gets stuck may be its my phone or any problm by ur side i dont know. But do look at that if there is any prob like that the bat moves very 'slowly' n m not able to play instant shots.
Srinivas Ajith review Srinivas Ajith
a very cool game which can be mastered gradually. I successfully mastered to beat the pc by 7-0 in insane mode (not consistently, but in a good number of times).instead of updating the themes it would be better to update strategy of the game like unlocking extra features or multiplayer online etc. but still a great game which I could not delete even after playing for 2 years.
Akshat Rastogi review Akshat Rastogi
My first F*kin-Cool game playing since 2011!
This app has stayed since the first android I had back in 2011 the Samsung galaxy ace, many phones changed but this app seems to have been with me forever. Using this since Android Eclair!!
Virgil Smith review Virgil Smith
Awesome game
It was an awesome game it was a good way to kill time but too many ads in there if you fix that problem would have been the top game that's why I loved it and I really think if you get rid of all the ads and let a lot of free stuff like $1,000.03 out of been great
FYNB review FYNB
Awesome game
It was an awesome game it was a good way to kill time but too many ads in there if you fix that problem would have been the top game that's why I loved it and I really think if you get rid of all the ads and let a lot of free stuff like $1,000.03 out of been great
aTouche review aTouche
This is the only game app that I've kept installed. Simple and fun yet still challenging. When I'm at waiting at a restaurant or doctor's office, or just bored in general, I can pull this out and play with whoever I'm with. Always leads to us laughing. Helps if you have a rubber or textured case on your device and clean your screen before you play.
Charlie Tondo Llopart review Charlie Tondo Llopart
This sort of game is great! For long car trips... there's no reason to play it unless you are bored out of your mind, and even then it gets boring fast. Maybe add some unlockables or levels. Other than that it's not not bad.
Prashant Kumar review Prashant Kumar
When he plays the game his mind starts feeling dizzy and he gets a shock trauma. Please decrease the amount of glowing lights. Please do it.
Things and Stuff review Things and Stuff
I absolutely loved this game and played it when I was bored... It really entertained me... Then it started glitching really bad and I kept losing! So pls fix it, since I don't want to uninstall this app...
Showkat Ahmad Bhat review Showkat Ahmad Bhat
Enjoyed it very much .... but 1 fault is that we get bored after playing few games as not in the case of other games . Like wcc2 , vollleyball,ski safari 2 ,etc. And it has high glowing lights so eyes get affected. BaDLy
Shane Collins review Shane Collins
Brilliant game but I really feel no reward from winning. Like there's no prize at the end or anything of that nature. I think ye should add in tournaments and all that and maybe even online oppenents ?
Detrium review Detrium
For all those haters who say "oh this game sucks" or "wow its boring" its not supposed to be some big online game its a time killer! Obviously this game is really fun and DEFINETLY install it
Priyank gupta review Priyank gupta
it is a really cool game. It is indeed really hard to master. I beat all the 3 levels by 7-0 with ease, but in case of insane level, i always win by 7-5 or 7-4, I'm never able to go beyond that. Looking forward to beating the insane level by 7-0.