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Stop procrastinating, this app helps you to finally get it done!

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How often have you started working on something, fully motivated, and after a few hours realised that all you have done is watch funny cat videos? Are you tired of procrastinating all the time? Do you need help getting your productivity up? This apps helps you to get it done!

Using the motivation you have before you start working this tool let's you set your goals and time in which you want to be done. No more distraction, just one mission. By dividing your goal into subgoals, setting consequences for your success or failure and a smart break management system you have no more excuses left not to work on it.

- Improve your productivity by using your motivation at the start to keep going
- Stop procrastination by focusing on just one goal at a time, without distractions
- Set your own rewards and consequences to feel the joy or pain of (not) achieving your goal even more
- Smart break management system that tells you when you've actually earned to randomly browse the internet again
- Different modes for different types of tasks and people
- Get things done more easily by dividing them into subgoals
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