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About this product

QR scanner can read, decode any QR code and barcode, generate QR code quickly

Generate QR Code, QR Scanner description

This QR scanner is a helpful app to scan all types of barcode and QR code, and generate your own QR code as well. You can scan to check the price, scan for promotion, scan for wifi connection and more.

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Scan QR code & barcode
This app can read and decode all types of QR code and barcode in seconds including wifi, URL, contact, text, SMS, clipboard and more. When you go shopping, you scan QR code for price, for payment, or simply scan for promotion codes. QR scanner can open URL automatically if you want. Scan QR code super fast with this app

Generate QR code
QR code generator allows you to create QR code for different purposes. You can make QR code for wifi connection, personal contact, text, clipboard, calendar, SMS, email and more

Generate barcode
This barcode generator can make any type of barcode in a flash

QR code history
This QR scanner allows you to view QR codes you have scanned or QR codes you have created. You can come back to the QR code you want at any time with this QR code generator.

Share QR code super fast
Just a few taps and you can share your QR code to everyone.

Scan with ease
QR scanner helps you to scan even when it's vibrating. This app can also auto-focus on the QR code, making scanning easier.

✓ Generate barcode
✓ Generate QR code
✓ Scan QR code, barcode
✓ Autofocus barcode, QR code
✓ Vibration setting
✓ Open URL automatically
✓ Scan price, promotion

If you have any questions or problems with the app, please email us at [email protected], and we will respond as quickly as possible. Your feedback will help us in the development of Generate QR Code, QR Scanner, ensuring that you enjoy the best possible experience.

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