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The app to control data consumption on your mobile

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Mobile Data Consumption description

With Mobile Data Consumption you control your data plan knowing how much you have accumulated at each moment of the period. Being independent from the telephone company, you will be able to compare your measurement with the bill.
You will be able to SAVE every month, since you will also control the data for FREE.

Make the most of your PLAN without going overboard and control your consumption in real time with the guarantee of Trecone, the leading developers in telecom cost control.

He offers you:

* COUNTERS of the consumption of your monthly PLAN in real time: mobile data and Wi-Fi. Create as many counters as you want on those consumptions that you want to keep at bay.

* STATISTICS: Quickly view your daily consumption, for the week and for previous months. Identify the apps you have used the most in each period and how you spend your balance.
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