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Exclusive Video Gaming Classes

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Join the GamerzClass membership and enjoy hours of learning through video content on featured esport titles. With the GamerzClass app, you can enjoy hours of in-depth classes with the best gamers in the world + daily videos, and much more. Having a GamerzClass at your fingertips will feel like a one-to-one session with your instructor.

Access all classes in your preferred game
Enjoy constantly new classes and videos
On-demand video
Climb the ranks faster than ever before

Get a free trial of the GamerzClass Memberships and start winning.

DOTA 2 - Get access to classes from the likes of N0tail, Topson, Cr1t, Nikobaby & more. We have unique classes for every position, and you will get inside the thought process of the pros and gain MMR faster than ever before.

FIFA 22 - Each class is +2 hours filled with secret strategies, tips & tricks and much more - all made for you to increase your in-game knowledge and climb the ranks. Learn from Tekkz, BorasLegend, Agge & more.

ROCKET LEAGUE - These masterclasses will cover a specific topic and go in-depth into the exact mechanics and drills you want to be learning and at which level. Each course comes with 8 to 15 lessons, with tips, drills, exercises, and insights on specific topics.

CS:GO - Specifically tailored for the CS players who wish to climb the ranks fast. You get access to all our CS:GO classes and more than +200 unique lessons taught by; Twistzz, Rush, NBK, Maniac, Snappi, Pimp, and more.

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - Want to learn from the world's best LCS and LEC players? You get access to all our pro classes taught by; Jensen (Liquid), Forg1ven (Schalke04), Soaz (Fnatic), Odoamne (Schalke04), NicoThePico (Pro Coach) & Froggen from (Dignitas).

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You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings on GamerzClass.com. The subscription can be cancelled anytime within your account settings.

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