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All about creators, gamers, esports & more. Turn fandom into real money.

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game.tv is the world's #1 mobile eSports gaming platform that is empowering the rapidly rising community of content creators and eSports fans. Come, be part of a thriving community of passionate gamers, die-hard eSports fans and an ever-growing roster of gaming content creators, who are making a living by earning real money on the platform.

For Creators
👉 Earn recurring income as a Creator
Create and manage your own clubs, and monetize exclusive content. Use the power of your community to build a regular income stream.

👉 Wow fans with Fan Pass
Give your loyal fans access to exclusive content with daily, weekly and monthly Fan Pass subscription.
Exclusive Privileges For Fan Pass Holders
- Gamers enjoy exclusive tournaments, shorts and streams created just for them
- Premium badges to show off on all possible avenues
- Priority selection in tournaments
- Fans’ Zone - private chat rooms to know other Fan Pass holders and the Creator

For Gamers
👉 Dive into epic gaming content
Follow your favorite clubs, watch shorts and livestreams.

👉 One platform. For all your tournaments
Play and create tournaments for your favorite games at one place.

And there's more…
Check out other cool features too:
- Gold Coins that can be topped up to buy Fan Passes
- Chat rooms for each of your clubs to catch up with your fellow gaming peers
- Team chat and call during matches to stay in sync as you carve your path to victory
- Club Wars pitting clubs against each other for a fight to the top
- Leaderboards to see where you stand vis a vis other game.tv players.

There’s so much to do and explore, so get started right away.
Do reach out at [email protected] if you have any doubts, suggestions or questions.
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