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About this product

A comprehensive management platform for medical and therapeutic procedures

galeneo description

We offer you-and your relatives with medical needs the hospital-at-home. Comprehensive and personalized clinical management and coordination wherever you need it enabling you to continue treatment outside the hospital, under the same standards of care.
* Ad-hoc service: our healthcare professionals can see you, whenever you need them, at the comfort of your home, to carry out diagnostic tests, clinical procedures and treatments.
* Ongoing care: We assign each case an operations coordinator, a clinical coordinator nurse. This personalized team manages skilled nurses and nurse’s aides round the clock for you or your family members.
* We arrange for devices and equipment to be installed in-home and set up wherever you want.
* Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive psychological and logistic support in palliative care, 24 hours a day.
* +150 healthcare professionals at your service: nurses, nurse’s aides, physical therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and other specialists providing in-home services.
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