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Ballistic APP, Requires FX Radar Chronograph to function

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Pellets, BB’s, Airsoft, Archery and PaintballbrbrUsing the first ever pocket radar ballistic chronograph from FX Airguns of Sweden, this ballistic app enables the recording of data from 20 fps to 1100 fps.brEver wanted to know the speed of your pellet, BB, Arrow or Paintballs, then this app will allow you to create profiles and store data from all your testing and tuning.brVocal shout outs for each shot can enable smooth target grouping at the range, just listen to the result and don’t take your eye off the target.brExport the data strings for further evaluation, save and record your days testing using the profile function.brIt’s easy to check your power, take the FX Chronograph out of your pocket, start Bluetooth and start the app on your phone brNow you can check your power while zeroing and shooting groups. brbrbrFeatures Include:brbrRealtime record of shots brClear display of shot stringsbrAudio shout out’s, switchable OFF and ON **brProfile Creation - Remember settings for easy recallbrEasy to select velocity rangesbrScope Bore Height input (for future development)brInput of Pellet data for profilesbrMultiple Unit Read Outs - FPS / MPS / FT Lbs / Joules / KMPHbrRadar Return adjustment for sensitivitybrShot Count Data exportable to clipboardbrbrDevelopments for future versions will be available and registration within the app is suggested to enable update notifications.brbr** Voice shout outs not enabled on FT Lbs and JoulesbrbrInstructions via FX Airguns website, link within the APPbrbrFX Airguns Chronograph is available from any authorised FX Airguns dealer. brSee FX Airguns website for further detailsbrbrhttp://www.fxairguns.com
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