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Write a letter to the future

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597 ratings

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Dear Future Me... Ever wished you could write a letter to your future self? Now you can!

Check in on your progress toward those big life goals a year from now.

Send yourself an awesome pep talk … in 1, 5 or 10 years’ time.

Or remind yourself where you’ve come from, and how much those roots matter, at your next birthday.

The FutureMe app lets you write, schedule and send letters to yourself, friends, and family members in the future - and be sure they’re delivered on time, too!

It takes the futureme.org experience already loved by 8 million+ people and amps it up:
• Quick Google, Apple or email sign-in.
• Choose a delivery date or occasion or let us surprise you!
• Never miss a letter with delivery-day notifications.
• Set reminders to write future letters to family, friends, or yourself.
• Edit letters for up to 2 days after you send them.
• Follow public letters, so you can catch their epilogues.
• Get great ideas for writing letters worth reading.
• Enrich your letters with photos and videos.
• Relive the love: look back over delivered letters whenever you need a boost.
• Send unlimited letters with a Premium upgrade.
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