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Funny sounds and ringtones. Laugh and have fun with hilarious sound effects.

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Funny Sounds description

Funny sounds is free ringtone application with best and funniest sounds for every day. These sounds effects will bring smile on your face. If you are bored with your old ringtone, you can use some sound from this free app! Or if you’re looking for some fun time, just play hilarious sounds from our free and have a laugh.

The best and funniest sounds available! Funny noises and jingles for you to make funny jokes, smile and laugh with your friends! And if you want to have different and unique ringtone you can set some funny sound as ringtone with our app for free! Change your old boring ringtone with some new and funny sounds! All you have to do is choose sound and set it as ringtone, contact ringtone, sms ringtone and alarm alert. Sounds in this app are interesting and they will make you and your friends laugh. In this soundboard app you can find various sounds such as dog, cat, chicken sounds, hilarious sound effects and cute sounds like baby singing and more! Get this collection of crazy sounds on your phone for free! These hilarious sounds will make you and your friends laugh wherever you are.

A good laughter is always welcome and sometimes it’s a good laugh that we need to make our days better. So, download Funny sounds for free and get funniest ringtones and sound effects for your phone! Make funny situations and make everyone laugh!
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