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Moments hyped in sequels

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Frog - More Than Chat description

Frog is an instant video messaging app where real friends share stories together. At Frog, there are no filters, no fakes, only real life and feelings.

Video Stories are called ‘SUPs’ here on Frog. Like making a sequel to a movie, friends can continue your SUPs by adding Sequel videos. Every good story needs a Sequel! Choose your fun SUPs and friends’ SEQUELs to create a Flashback video with just one click.

WYD is an instant button that starts conversation with no stress. Reply to your friend’s ‘WYD’ with video to start a quick chat. Text friends while SUPs are auto-playing in the background.

Now, Stories are more interactive than ever. Featuring Q&A stickers, unique Challenges, Party Games - all inside Frog app.

We have zero tolerance for inappropriate contents or harassments of any kind. Inappropriate users will be reported to authorities directly. More safety information: frogapp.me/teens-guide
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